Eleven Spot Bitcoin ETFs Nearing Approval by SEC


Eleven spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are edging closer to receiving approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC has received proposed rule changes to list and trade all 11 spot bitcoin ETFs on stock exchanges. According to an ETF analyst, the approval process is almost complete, with the securities regulator aiming for a launch on January 11th.

Increased Speculation

On Friday, numerous proposals were submitted to the SEC to list and trade 11 spot bitcoin ETFs. This has led to heightened speculation about the imminent approval of these ETFs by the securities regulator. Bloomberg reported that the SEC staff had no further feedback on the paperwork for several firms after the latest amendments. Rule changes are proposed using Form 19b-4, which allows spot bitcoin ETFs to be traded on stock exchanges.

Progress of the ETF Filers

Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart shared a list on Friday afternoon, revealing that amended 19b-4 forms have been submitted to the SEC for all 11 spot bitcoin ETF applicants. Seyffart noted that all 11 applicants are still waiting for approval, likening the situation to a race. He stated, "We're not over the finish line yet, but we are damn close. We need to see approvals on these amended filings (which should come next week). And then we need the S-1 documents to go effective (which could also happen next week). Then it's a done deal."

Analyst's Perspective

Responding to the recent developments, senior Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas commented that the process is almost complete. He revealed that final S-1 documents, which are prospectus documents for spot bitcoin ETFs, are due at 8 am on Monday. Balchunas stated, "That said, I still want to hear it from the SEC to call it official." He added that the SEC commissioners are expected to vote on the exchange-rule filings next week. Once the SEC approves the 19b-4 filings and issuers sign off on their final S-1 filings, spot bitcoin ETFs could begin trading as early as the next business day.


With the proposed rule changes for 11 spot bitcoin ETFs now filed with the SEC, approval seems to be within reach. The SEC is making efforts to align everyone for a potential launch on January 11th. While the approval process is not yet officially confirmed, the progress made thus far suggests that spot bitcoin ETFs may soon become available for trading. It remains to be seen whether the SEC will approve all 11 ETFs next week.

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By: Kevin Helms
Title: Eleven Spot Bitcoin ETFs Nearing Approval by SEC
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/11-spot-bitcoin-etfs-inch-closer-to-approval-analyst-says-its-basically-done/
Published Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2024 14:30:24 +0000

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