Concerns Mount Over Potential SEC Rejection of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Analyst Weighs In


Concerns are rising within the crypto community as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) faces the decision of whether to reject spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Financial watchdog group Better Markets has called on the SEC to reject these ETFs, citing the potential for "financial carnage" and "massive investor harm." The SEC is expected to announce its decision early next week, with trading potentially commencing on January 11.

Better Markets Urges SEC to Reject Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications

The recent letter from Better Markets, a financial watchdog group, has caused concern among the crypto community. The group is urging the SEC to reject spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), arguing that the SEC has a legal obligation to deny these applications. They warn of the potential for "financial carnage" and "massive investor harm" if spot bitcoin ETFs are approved. Notably, Better Markets features Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as a top testimonial on its website, and its CEO reportedly has a close relationship with SEC Chairman Gary Gensler.

Analyst Weighs In on Potential SEC Decision

In response to the Bloomberg report suggesting a possible "rug pull" regarding the SEC's decision on spot bitcoin ETFs, analyst Eric Balchunas provided his analysis. He explained that the SEC has never actually voted on any bitcoin ETFs, whether for spot bitcoin ETF rejections or bitcoin futures approvals. Instead, these decisions have been made through "Delegated Authority." Balchunas believes that the SEC would likely follow the same approach in this case, considering that the initiative has been driven by the 10th floor (referring to the SEC's headquarters) since the success of Grayscale's bitcoin trust.

Furthermore, Balchunas pointed out that if the SEC were to vote, they would need to publicly schedule a meeting. The next scheduled meeting is on January 11, which would be too late for a January 11 launch of spot bitcoin ETFs. Therefore, it is unlikely that a vote will take place. Balchunas also emphasized that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who directed the SEC staff to work extensively on spot bitcoin ETFs, is unlikely to vote against their approval. He stated that there is no basis to deny the ETFs and that Gensler has been actively involved in the process, instructing issuers to have everything ready for a January 11 launch. However, Balchunas noted that approval cannot be confirmed until the SEC makes an official announcement.

Upcoming Decision and Filing Deadlines

The SEC is expected to announce its decision on spot bitcoin ETFs early next week. Balchunas, citing multiple sources, stated that final S-1 filings are due at 8 a.m. on Monday. The SEC is reportedly working to align the launch of spot bitcoin ETFs for January 11.

In Conclusion
The potential rejection of spot bitcoin ETFs by the SEC has raised concerns within the crypto community. Better Markets has urged the SEC to deny these applications, highlighting the risks of "financial carnage" and "massive investor harm." Analyst Eric Balchunas believes that a vote is unlikely, as the SEC has historically made such decisions through "Delegated Authority." He also emphasized SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's involvement in the process and the lack of basis to reject the ETFs. The SEC is expected to announce its decision early next week, with trading potentially starting on January 11.

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