The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Market Sees $311 Million in Weekly Sales

Bitcoin NFT Sales Outperforming Other Blockchain Networks

In the past week, the non-fungible token (NFT) market recorded sales totaling $311.31 million, representing a slight increase of 0.05% compared to the previous week. However, NFT sales on the Bitcoin blockchain experienced a decrease of 19.12% from the previous week.

Weekly NFT Sales Data

Data from reveals that NFT sales reached $311.31 million in the past seven days. The market witnessed a significant decline in participation, with a 69.40% decrease in the number of buyers and a 68.09% decrease in the number of sellers.

Sales of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain accounted for $107.16 million, making up 34.42% of the total sales across 21 different blockchain networks. However, Bitcoin-based NFT sales experienced a decline of over 19% compared to the previous week.

On the Ethereum blockchain, NFT sales grew by 18.29%, reaching approximately $84,622,852. Polygon NFTs saw a more substantial increase, surging by 81.33% to $44.67 million, securing the third spot in sales among blockchain networks.

Solana NFT sales saw a downturn, declining by 19.47% from the previous week, with total sales amounting to $41.48 million. Avalanche NFTs, on the other hand, saw a 46.83% increase, and Flow-based NFTs experienced a 25.65% jump.

Top NFT Collections and Sales

The leading NFT collection in terms of total sales in the past week was Uncategorized Ordinals, which generated $22.68 million. However, this marked a 53.70% decrease from the previous week.

The second-highest in digital collectible sales was Gas Hero Common Hero NFTs from Polygon, with sales totaling $18.82 million, representing a significant 261% increase. Gas Hero items and weapon NFTs also saw notable activity during this period.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs experienced a substantial 170% surge in sales compared to the previous week. The highest-priced NFT sale of the week came from the BNB chain, with the "Lock Deal" collectible selling for $452K just seven days ago.

Other significant NFT sales this week came from networks including Arbitrum, Bitcoin, and Cardano.

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Title: The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Market Sees $311 Million in Weekly Sales
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