Flagship Products from FOREO Launch as NFTs Prior to Conventional Release. Paving the way for Skincare Innovation

PRESS RELEASE. Stockholm, September 22nd, 2018: The beauty NFT is a new product from FOREO, the Swedish beauty-tech company. FOREO has been able to use blockchain technology to challenge the traditional skincare protocols and make it possible for people to have access.

Brands now have the chance to reach new markets and connect with younger generations through innovative, tailored skincare products that reflect industry standards. The FOREO CEO, Boris Trupcevic is leading this beauty-tech disruption. He has created a trusting and inclusive community that will help to promote great skin and mental health. LUNA NFTs promote a healthy relationship between beauty and technology. They highlight the benefits of great skincare regimens and how they are made for a socially conscious approach to their customers.

TO HELP THEM, FOREO will donate all proceeds from NFT trades and sales to three worthy charities: Hope Givers, Tjejzonen and Scleroderma Research Foundation. This charity works to promote self-love, happiness, and a healthier outlook.

Those who are interested can purchase digital versions of their LUNA 4 products prior to release – there are 5 different NFTs to choose from. Each product has 50 variants. There are 250 limited edition NFTs to be enjoyed. A unique edition NFT will also be launched. Miriam, a standout female designer, has been working with FOREO to bring her brand of stylish, artistic concepts to the launch. For more information, click here

How a person's skin feels can have a significant impact on their mental health. This is why the beauty industry has an obligation to create and market products that are safe and accessible for all skin types.

For far too long, there has been an emphasis on unrealistic beauty standards. Now is the time for industry to shift and provide skincare to those who truly need it. FOREO continues to innovate in technology, products, and business models in order to better meet the changing needs of digital consumers. The brand sits at the intersection between beauty and mental well-being. They are redefining the way skincare is accessed using NFTs and shining a light on what it means to be happy in your own skin.

These are the fundamental principles that drive FOREO's newest skin care range LUNA 4.

The LUNA facial brush is the most popular in the world. Now, the LUNA 4 takes a great design and makes it even more amazing. The LUNA 4 offers a more gentle feel thanks to soft silicone touchpoints. It also features five massage modes that allow for deeper cleansing and improved circulation. The LUNA 4 digital body brush is the first to include NIR LED light for heating, and microcurrent capabilities that can combat cellulite. These amazing features allow for immediate, visible results in just three steps. Start with the LUNA 3 cleanser and complete the 1-minute routine. Then, you can use the UFO2 supercharged 2-minute facial for deep skin penetration. Final step: Finish with the BEAR facial tone device.

FOREO, a pioneer in beauty tech, is revolutionizing the way people think about premium skincare. Fans can benefit from LED light therapy, TSonic pulsesations, Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy as well as Microcurrents.

This is a press release. Before taking any action related to the promoted company, or any of its affiliates, or services, readers should do their research. Bitcoin.com does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the content, goods, or services in the press release.

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Title: FOREO’s Flagship Products Launch as NFTs Before Conventional Release, Paving the Way for Skincare Innovation
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