Here are the Top Six Gold Investment Retirement Accounts for 2022.

Buying physical precious metals is one of the best investments for protecting your wealth and diversifying your retirement portfolio. Precious metal prices tend to grow steadily and have low fluctuations, making them an excellent hedge against inflation.

Most IRAs consist of traditional investments such as stock and bond portfolios, but the IRS allows you to open an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that lets you invest in precious metals such as precious metals.

Setting up a golden IRA account can be an overwhelming task because it requires finding a good company to act as your custodian, choosing an approved depository where you want to store your precious metals, and understanding the IRS tax rules regarding these types of accounts. So if you're looking for someone who can simplify the entire setup for you, then you may want to consider using a reputable company instead of doing everything yourself.

The best gold IRA providers have specialists who focus on helping people set up their own IRAs and acquire precious metal investments.

If you want to buy gold for your own personal use, here are some of the best gold IRA companies.

Here are six gold IRA companies that could be worth looking into if you're interested in

Goldco: best gold IRA provider and most trustworthy overall best Selection of Precious MetalsAmerican Hartford Group: Best buy-back program oxford Gold Group: Best customer service Augusta Precious Metals: Best for transparent pricing Noble Gold: best customer service

Notable mentions: Regal Assets, Advantages Gold, Patriot Gold Group

#1. Goldco: Best Gold IRA Company Overall

Goldco is a private firm that focuses on helping people protect their assets through various methods, including transferring assets from a tax-deferred investment vehicle into a precious metal IRA. It also sells physical bullion directly to customers.

Goldco provides both gold and silver IRAS. You can buy a variety of gold IRA-eligible gold coin investments from them. They work with mints to source quality gold IRA-eligible gold bullion, including Gold American Eagles, Gold Maple Leaf coins, Gold Freedom and Hope coins, Gold bars, and more.

If you prefer to buy silver bullion instead, there are several options available, including Silver American Eagle coins, silver Maple Leaf coins, silver Lucky Dragon coins, and silver bars.

Goldco can make starting an IRA simple. You can start by creating an account on their site. They can then guide you through the steps needed to open an IRA.

After funding your IRA, you'll want to roll over assets from an eligible retirement account into your IRA. Usually, these transfers won't incur any taxes. If you don't already have a retirement account, you can open one instead.

Once you've funded an IRA for precious metals, you can decide which type of metal you'd like to invest in.

You can purchase physical gold and coins from Goldco online and send them to your preferred depo­sitory or your home. Some clients also qualify for free long-term safekeeping through Goldco.

Goldco sells a variety of precious metal products directly to consumers. To buy these products, you must first sign up for an account on their site and fund your account with either a wire transfer or a mailed-in check.

If you're unsure whether to work with Goldco, you may want to get a free copy of their product manual, which includes a printed version, an audio version, and a video version that answer any question you might have about the company. Investing in Precious Metals, How to increase your retirement savings, gold and silver are valuable because they're rare. They're also useful for making jewelry, coins, and other items.

You can get 10% back in free Silver when you spend $100.00 or more at

Overall, Golden West is a top investment firm offering a wide variety of precious metals and other financial products to suit your needs.

#2. Birch Gold Group: Experts in gold IRA rollovers

Birch Gold Group is a physical gold and silver bullion dealer in business for almost 20 years. It has worked with over 13 thousand customers and has earned an excellent BBB rating.

With its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, Birch Silver Group sells silver, platinum, and Palladium in both bullion form and minted coinage. It offers precious metal retirement accounts for individuals and companies.

To open a precious metals IRA, you need to set up your IRA first. Then, you can choose which type of IRA you want to open (a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA). Finally, you can decide whether you want to invest in physical precious metal coins or paper certificates.

You can invest in precious metal funds once you've funded your precious metal investment account. Then, you can select which precious metal investments you'd like to buy and determine how much of each to purchase. Your precious metal expert will then confirm your order and provide you with a final transaction receipt. They can also help you determine where you want to store your precious metal investments.

Birch Global Group (BGG) has partnered with Brinks' Global Services and Delaware Depository, offering up to $1 billion of insurance for precious metals stored at their facilities.

You can contact your precious metal specialist whenever you want to check up on your investments. They're always available to help walk you through the entire process, and they're happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you don't want to invest in an IRA, you can also buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium directly from this firm. To fund your accounts, you'll need to use either a wire transfer or a check. Then they'll send your metals to your desired locations in discreet packages with fully-insured delivery services.

You can learn more about Birch Gold Group by requesting their free info package at their website. They include a booklet with information about investing in precious metals.

We think Birch Gold Group is the best gold IRA provider out there because they offer specialized guidance and help from knowledgeable experts.

#3. American Hart­ford Gold: A trusted leader in gold IRA investments

American Hartford Gold, a precious metals dealer, has been in business for five years. It has an excellent track record with both its customer service and product quality.

The Los Angeles-based Company Offers Investors the Chance to Invest in Precious Metals Through Direct Purchase or Retirement AccountsGold and silver coinsPlatinumCollectors coins.

With American Hartford Gold, you can buy gold and silver bullion online without having to store them at an independent depository. But if you want to invest in precious metals through an IRA, you may need to store them at one of these depositories.

To purchase precious metals from American Hartford Gold, first, consider their three-part sales strategy.

(1) Ask someone to help fill out the new investor account forms.

3) Transfer money into your new bank account. You can roll over money from an existing IRA if you choose.

4) Choose your IRA-eligible precious metal investments and buy them.

American Hartford has a buy-back program for its customers. If you want to sell your old jewelry back to American Hartford, they'll pay you a fair market value.

With American Hartford Gold, there are no charges for setting up an account or for shipping your gold to their depository. They cover insurance, and they track your shipments, but you may be required to pay annual membership dues and/or storage costs depending on where your gold is stored. Their online precious metal catalogs don't provide pricing so you'll probably want to contact them for details.


Family-owned and operated business. An accredited business with an A+ rating. Buyback commitments and guarantees. A company that donates to charitable causes


Does not state specific fees or precious metal prices charge annual maintenance fees. Provides no international shipping

With a great reputation, an array of gold and silver investments, and a buyback commitment, this firm is popular among traders. You will need to deposit some fees, and you'll need to call the firm's support staff to find out the gold rates. American Hartford Gold is an excellent option for traders who want to diversify his/her investment portfolios with gold investments.

#4. Oxford Gold Group: Best Customer Service

Oxford Gold Group was founded in 2018 by three experienced gold professionals who have worked for years in the precious metals industry, selling investment-quality bullion coins and bars. They offer a wide range of products, including bullion coins, bars, and jewelry. Their business has received hundreds of positive online reviews from satisfied clients.

Oxford Gold Group offers tax-free investments in gold and silver for individuals and institutions. Gold and silver bars, platinum coins and barsPalladium coins and bars

For investors looking for precious metal IRA investments, Oxford Gold Group offers several different options, from gold bullion coins to physical bars. Traditional IRARoth Gold IRASEP Gold IRA

If you already have an IRA, you may be able to roll over your existing one into another.

For investors who want to store their gold in an IRA, there are two options available: the Brink’s Depositary in Salt Lake City, UT, or the Delaware Depositor in Wilmington, DE.

It's easy to open an account with Oxford Gold Group.

2) Complete the new account form with your dedicated account partner (if they don't already know).

3) Transfer funds or begin rolling over your previous retirement savings into an IRA.

4) Browse through your investment choices and buy the precious metal(s) you want.

Your precious metals will be sent to your bank, where they will be stored securely until needed. Educational resources. A quick and easy investment process. A wide variety of precious metals for sale24-hour customer serviceNewer company (established in 2018)Only two IRA custodiansHigher monthly subscription rates and annual fee charges

What's the outcome after this Oxford Gold Group review? The company is relatively new, but they offer convenient investments and a great selection of gold bullion coins. They also charge higher prices than other providers, so expect higher costs. But overall, it does have a good reputation and BBB ranking. In conclusion, the Oxford Gold Group can be considered a good provider of precious metal investments and diversification of your financial portfolio.

#5. Augusta Precious Metals: Best Gold IRA Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals is a premier Gold IRA provider founded by Joe Montana, an NFL Hall of Famer and his financial advisor. Since 2012, they've been receiving thousands of five-star reviews from their clients and winning various awards for their IRA services.

Augusta Precious Metal­s offers both traditional and Roth IRAs for people who want to invest in precious metals. It’s similar to the other companies on our top 10 list, but unlike them, Augusta Precious Metal​ls doesn't require you to have a qualified retirement account. You just need an IRA.

You'll first be able to speak to a live agent who will help you choose between buying gold or silver coins. Your agent can also provide you with useful financial advice to better understand precious metal IRAs.

After that, you can open an IRA with the assistance of your live agent. To be eligible for an Augusta Precious Metal IRA account, you must have at least $50K available to invest.

You'll first create an account at Augusta, then fund it with money from an existing retirement account. After that, you can purchase precious metals from Augusta's online trading platform.

With Augusta, you can purchase physical bullion at any time and get expert advice from their team of experts, free and fast shipping, and full control over your precious metals. To start buying, just follow these simple steps:You can fund your account by transferring cash from another bank account. Choose your metal option. You can sign up for delivery at your preferred locations.

Augusta sells a wide range of gold and sterling bullions and coin products, including Canadian Maple Leaf coins, American Eagle coins America the Beautiful coins.

Augusta has worked with trusted custodians such as EquityTrust, GoldStar TrustCompany, and Kingdom Trust Company, who can help manage your new IRA. Augusta can act as your liaison between you and your custodian, allowing you to contact them whenever you need assistance.

The Augusta Precious Metal website also includes a wealth of useful resources, including a free online course by Delvyn Steele, an economics professor at Harvard University. If you want to learn more about what's happening in the economy, these courses are an excellent resource to check out.

We recommend Augusta Precious Metal for anyone who wants to invest in gold bullion.

#6. Noble Gold: Great Selection of Silver, Platinum, and Palladium

Noble offers precious metal investments such as bullion bars, eagles, and coins. You can invest in these precious metal products by purchasing them through an IRA or buying them directly through the Noble site.

This firm offers a straightforward approach to helping people open gold IRAs. In order to start investing in gold, clients must fill out an online application. Once they submit the application, the firm will contact them to answer any questions they may have regarding the investment options. Clients who wish to invest in gold should not hesitate to reach out to the firm if they require additional assistance.

Once you've completed the steps above, the Noble Gold IRA staff will contact your new custodial institution to open an IRA for you. They'll then send you an email containing your new IRA Self Directed Portfolio (IDP) numbers.

With Noble Gold, transfers between accounts at different financial institutions are free of charge. There are no taxes involved in rolling over investments into your new IRA.

You can view your account balance anytime using Noble Gold's custodian. This custodian allows for online access to your account 365 days per year.

In conclusion, these are the top five gold IRA investments that you should definitely look into. They offer a variety of advantages over traditional IRAs, including tax breaks and access to higher yields. But the real reason to invest in them is that they allow you to diversify your portfolio without having to worry too much about taxes. So if you want to retire rich, here are the best options for you to consider.

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