The Tokenized Asset Coalition Predicts Tokenization Advances in 2024


The Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC), a membership organization that promotes the institutional adoption of tokenization practices to bring real-world assets to the blockchain, has published its State of Tokenization report. The report highlights the growth and advancements in tokenization practices in 2023 and predicts further growth in 2024.

Growth in Tokenization

The State of Tokenization report by TAC predicts the advancement of tokenization practices across various asset classes in 2024. The emergence of a new tokenized risk curve is described, with different asset classes gaining prominence in blockchain markets.

Currency Tokenization

The report focuses on the tokenization of currencies, highlighting the domination of U.S. dollar-based stablecoins and centralized stablecoins over their decentralized counterparts. However, the report predicts that euro-pegged tokens and alternative stablecoins will witness a surge in adoption in 2024.

Tokenization of U.S. Treasuries

The tokenization of U.S. treasuries experienced significant growth in 2023, with a total value increase from $114 million in January to $831 million in December. This represents a growth of over 600%. Franklin Templeton and Ondo Finance were the key players in offering products in this space.

Growth in Private Credit Platforms

Private credit platforms also saw a surge in total value in 2023, with an 89% increase from $256 million to $485 million. This growth indicates the growing interest in tokenized private credit.

Boom in Digital Tokenized Bonds

2023 witnessed a boom in digital tokenized bond experiments, with various organizations announcing bond issuance projects. Traditional financial institutions led these initiatives, and digital platforms supporting such activities experienced growth in Asia and Europe.

Predictions for 2024

Despite regulatory uncertainties, liquidity concerns, and infrastructure challenges, the report predicts that tokenization will continue to grow in 2024. Stablecoins, private credit, tokenized treasuries, and digital bonds will evolve further, contributing to the overall adoption of tokenized asset markets.

Industry Expectations

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, the stablecoin company behind USDC, recently expressed his belief in the booming adoption of tokenization. He expects institutions like Blackrock to offer tokenized versions of their products in 2024.

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