Bitwise Unveils 10 Crypto Predictions for 2024: Bitcoin Trading at $80,000 and More


Crypto asset manager Bitwise has recently released a report titled "The Year Ahead: 10 Crypto Predictions for 2024." The report outlines several key predictions for the crypto industry in the coming years. Bitwise, known for its crypto index fund BITW and a range of other investment products, expects significant growth in the value of bitcoin, Ethereum, and the overall adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Prediction 1: Bitcoin Will Set a New All-Time High

Bitwise predicts that the price of bitcoin will surpass $80,000, setting a new all-time high. The firm attributes this increase to two major factors: the launch of a spot bitcoin ETF in early 2024 and the halving of new bitcoin supply around the end of April. These catalysts are expected to drive increased demand and price appreciation for bitcoin.

Prediction 2: Spot Bitcoin ETFs Will Capture Billions in Assets

Bitwise believes that spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will be approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and become the most successful ETF launch in history. The firm estimates that within five years, spot bitcoin ETFs could capture 1% of the $7.2 trillion U.S. ETF market, amounting to $72 billion in assets under management (AUM).

Prediction 3: Coinbase's Revenue Will Double

The report suggests that Coinbase, the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange, will experience significant revenue growth. Bitwise expects Coinbase's revenue to double, surpassing Wall Street expectations by at least 10 times. The firm attributes this growth to increased trading volumes during bull markets and the successful launch of new products.

Prediction 4: Increased Allocation to Crypto by Financial Advisors

Bitwise predicts that by the end of 2024, one in four financial advisors will allocate cryptocurrencies in their clients' accounts. The firm believes that as bitcoin becomes more accessible, financial advisors will recognize the potential of crypto investments and allocate funds accordingly.

Prediction 5: Ethereum Revenue Will More Than Double

The report highlights the growing popularity of Ethereum and predicts that its revenue will more than double to $5 billion in 2024. Bitwise attributes this growth to the increasing number of users flocking to crypto applications built on the Ethereum platform.

Prediction 6: Ethereum Blockchain Upgrade and Mainstream Adoption

Bitwise expects a major upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain that will significantly reduce transaction costs. The firm predicts that the average transaction cost will fall below $0.01, paving the way for more mainstream uses of Ethereum. This upgrade, known as EIP-4844, could result in a 90%+ reduction in transaction costs and enable the development of truly mainstream applications in the crypto space.

Prediction 7: AI Assistants Using Crypto as Native Currency

According to Bitwise, AI assistants will start using cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin or stablecoins, to pay for online transactions. This trend will affirm crypto as the native currency of the internet. The firm believes that this shift will begin to occur in 2024.

Prediction 8: Increased Use of Stablecoins and Tokenization of Real-World Assets

Bitwise predicts that more money will settle using stablecoins than using traditional payment methods like Visa. Additionally, the firm expects JPMorgan to tokenize a fund and launch it on-chain, signaling the growing trend of tokenizing real-world assets. Furthermore, Bitwise suggests that popular figures like Taylor Swift will launch NFTs to engage with their fans in new and innovative ways.

Prediction 9: Prediction Markets as the New "Killer App" for Crypto

Bitwise anticipates that prediction markets will gain significant traction in the crypto industry. The firm predicts that more than $100 million will be staked in prediction markets as they emerge as a new "killer app" for crypto. These markets provide a platform for users to bet on the outcomes of various events and could attract a substantial user base.


Bitwise's 10 crypto predictions for 2024 paint an optimistic picture of the future of cryptocurrencies. The firm expects significant growth in the value of bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as increased adoption by financial advisors and the mainstream use of cryptocurrencies. While these predictions are speculative, they provide insights into the potential direction of the crypto market in the coming years.

What are your thoughts on Bitwise's predictions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Title: Bitwise Unveils 10 Crypto Predictions for 2024: Bitcoin Trading at $80,000 and More
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