The Power of Dollar Cost Averaging: A Reddit User’s Bitcoin Investment Experiment


In a compelling tale of persistence and financial prudence, a Reddit user going by the handle u/Gorillahair2000 embarked on a unique investment experiment to determine the potential rewards of consistently investing small amounts into Bitcoin. This experiment aimed to showcase the power of dollar cost averaging and its ability to generate significant returns, even with a modest budget.

The Experiment

For a full year, the Redditor allocated just $5 per day into Bitcoin, diligently recording their progress. At the end of the 365-day period, the Redditor had accumulated a total of 0.075 Bitcoin. The average purchase price throughout the year was $24,108.58, while the current price of Bitcoin stood at $34,158.20.

Financial Results

Considering the total expenditure of $1,825.00 over the year, the current value of the investment amounted to $2,585.75, resulting in a net change of +41.68%. This demonstrates the potential for significant growth even with small, consistent investments.

Accounting for Fees

The Redditor took into account the 0.5-1.0% spread on each purchase, ensuring that the gains remained after adjusting for fees. The user utilized Strike, a popular Bitcoin Lightning wallet, for their purchases and then transferred the Bitcoin to a hardware wallet following industry best practices.

Transforming Daily Expenses

By transforming the daily expense equivalent to a Starbucks coffee into a Bitcoin investment, the Redditor was able to generate a current value of $2,500, resulting in a $750 gain. This serves as a testament to the potential returns that can be achieved, even with a modest budget.

The Power of Dollar Cost Averaging

This experiment highlights the power of dollar-cost averaging as an investment strategy. By consistently purchasing assets at fixed intervals, regardless of their price, investors can mitigate the effects of market volatility. The Redditor's experience demonstrates the effectiveness of this strategy in generating significant returns over time.

Bitcoin's Advantages

Furthermore, this experiment showcases Bitcoin's main advantages as a sound form of money. Unlike traditional savings vehicles tied to inflationary fiat currencies, Bitcoin does not depreciate over time. It offers investors the potential for long-term value appreciation and serves as a hedge against inflation.


The Reddit user's Bitcoin investment experiment serves as a testament to the potential rewards of consistently investing small amounts and practicing dollar cost averaging. Even with a modest budget, investors can generate significant returns over time. This experiment underscores the advantages of Bitcoin as a sound form of money and highlights the power of dollar-cost averaging in mitigating market volatility.

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Title: The Power of Dollar Cost Averaging: A Reddit User's Bitcoin Investment Experiment
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