South Korea Seizes $184 Million in Crypto Assets from Tax Dodgers, According to Reports

According to local media, the South Korean government has confiscated cryptocurrency worth approximately $184 million over two years because of tax arrears. In 2021, the Seoul authorities began to confiscate virtual assets from tax evaders.

Nearly 260 Billion Won in Crypto seized for tax evasion in South Korea

According to online publications Yonhap News, Maekyung revealed Thursday that the amount of crypto assets confiscated from South Koreans who are accused of tax evasion has reached nearly 260 billion Korean won (close enough to $184 million at current exchange rate).

These reports cite official numbers from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Security and Public Administration. They also include the National Tax Service (NTS), South Korea's South Korean tax service, and authorities in 17 provinces and cities.

The news outlets reported that more than 176billion won worth of assets were taken due to non-payments of national taxes and more than 84billion won of crypto was seized because of local tax arrears.

A third of the cryptocurrency was taken in Seoul (at 17.8 billion won), Incheon (closer to 5.5 billion won) and Gyeonggi (over 53 billion won). In the second half 2020, the South Korean government authorized the seizing of virtual assets.

Since then, 12.5 billion won ($8.8million) was the highest amount of cryptocurrency seized from one individual. The victim, a Seoul resident, was unable to pay 1.43 billion won local taxes. He also had holdings of 20 digital currencies including 3.2 billion won (BTC) and 1.9 billion won (XRP).

The taxpayer chose to pay his taxes and requested to keep the crypto investment. If the Korean tax authority seizes an individual's exchange account, or assets, the currency is sold at the current exchange rate.

After vowing to fight tax evasion via virtual assets and platforms in August, the NTS released statistics about the seized cryptocurrency. South Korea delayed the implementation of a 20% tax on crypto-related profits until 2025 earlier this year. The tax, which applies to capital gains exceeding 2.5million won, was originally supposed to be in place in January 2023.

Are you concerned that South Korean authorities might continue to seize crypto assets of taxpayers who have outstanding obligations? Comment below to share your views.

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By: Lubomir Tassev
Title: South Korea Seizes $184 Million in Crypto Assets From Alleged Tax Dodgers, Reports Reveal
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Published Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 06:30:27 +0000

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