SEC Misses Appeal Window against Grayscale’s Spot Bitcoin ETF Decision

Recent developments suggest that the U.S. securities regulator missed its chance to challenge a court ruling concerning Grayscale’s spot bitcoin ETF application. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had a 45-day window to file an appeal, but reports ahead of the deadline indicated that the agency did not intend to fight the ruling. This development has potential implications for the reconsideration of the application.

No SEC Objection to Court’s Ruling on Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF Application

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has declined to challenge a court ruling that favored Grayscale’s proposition to convert its bitcoin trust (GBTC) into a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). Grayscale had disputed the SEC’s decision to refuse the conversion, and the regulator had the option to appeal the court’s decision within 45 days, but chose not to.

Insider Reports on SEC’s Decision

On Friday, Reuters and Bloomberg cited insiders revealing that the SEC had no plans to dispute the late-August decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. This court decision overruled the SEC’s refusal of Grayscale’s proposition.

Grayscale’s Argument Against the SEC

Grayscale's contention with the SEC is rooted in the argument that the regulator had previously sanctioned agreements to mitigate fraud in bitcoin futures ETFs. Grayscale maintains that the same strategy should apply to its spot bitcoin ETF, given that both fund types depend on bitcoin’s price. The Circuit judge overseeing the Grayscale-SEC case described the SEC’s refusal as "arbitrary and capricious," citing the agency's failure to justify the disparate treatment of similar products.

The Implications of a Spot Bitcoin ETF

A spot bitcoin ETF would allow investors to invest in the prominent cryptocurrency without the necessity of owning it. The crypto industry and financial market participants have been striving to secure regulatory approval for such an offering.

SEC’s Stance on Bitcoin ETFs

To date, the SEC has approved ETFs holding bitcoin futures in 2021. However, the green light for a spot bitcoin ETF has yet to be given. The agency has rejected such applications in the past, but this year it accepted several proposals for review, including one from financial titan Blackrock.

SEC’s Delayed Judgments

The Commission has put off its final decision on numerous applications. In September, the SEC postponed its verdicts on applications from Blackrock, Valkyrie, Bitwise, Invesco, Ark 21shares, Global X, and others. It also deferred its judgements on seven funds, including those of Wisdomtree, Vaneck, and Fidelity, at the end of August. The SEC has until next year to make its final decisions.

Expected Outcomes for Grayscale

In Grayscale's case, the appeal court is anticipated to issue a mandate detailing the execution of its decision, potentially instructing the SEC to reconsider the company's application. Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart suggested in a tweet that dialogue between the applicant and the regulator should commence next week.

The future of spot bitcoin ETFs in the United States remains uncertain, but this latest development could signal a shift in the regulatory landscape.

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By: Lubomir Tassev
Title: SEC Misses Appeal Window against Grayscale’s Spot Bitcoin ETF Decision
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Published Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2023 14:03:54 +0000

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