Don’t sleep on the Next Generation Of Bitcoin Developers

Daniela Brozzoni is currently working on the Bitcoin Dev Kit, which offers more options for sending bitcoin money and generating addresses.

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C.J. hosts this week's episode on "Bitcoin Bottom Line". Wilson and Josh Olszewicz talk to Daniela Brozzoni about her work as a Bitcoin coder. Brozzoni recently worked on a library to build wallets called BDK. This library contains codes to generate addresses and send money, to give users a wider range of options.

Wilson questions Brozzoni regarding the QR codes that can be interchangeable between Lighting or on-chain, and the associated cost. While she believes we will be able to have different wallets to meet different needs in the future it is hard to explain to users that they may pay less than one penny in fees, or even two euros. Advanced bitcoin users might find it very beneficial to have the option of a transaction being either Lightning or On-chain.

Brozzoni stated, "I believe that the single seed wallets we use to pay for coffee on-chain are going away and that extremely complex wallets will be created for storing long-term funds."

Wilson says, "People talk about Bitcoin as if it's going to be your bank, but most people can only be their wallet. Although they can send and receive money, once you are a vault you must be more secure and add more layers.

Brozzoni continues to talk about her grant from Spiral, and how she was successful in obtaining it. Wilson, Olszewicz and Brozzoni then discuss the benefits and drawbacks of anonymity within the space. The trio then discuss how it is beneficial to analyze questions regarding the market from people who have less knowledge about Bitcoin, and how they can help educate others. Wilson states that the more people that he meets in Bitcoin the better he finds it.

Follow Brozzoni on Twitter to keep up-to-date with her activities, or join the BDK Discord.

For more information, listen to the entire episode.


By: Bitcoin Magazine
Title: Don’t Sleep On The Next Generation Of Bitcoin Developers
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Published Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT

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