Crypto Snipers Strike Gold as Traders Earn Millions in SAVM Token Launch Frenzy

Lone Sniper Hits $7 Million Jackpot, Trio of Traders Net $1 Million Apiece During SAVM Crypto Launch

A recent report from Arkham Intelligence has revealed that the launch of the satoshivm (SAVM) token two days ago resulted in three skilled crypto traders, known as 'snipers,' earning a profit of $1 million each. The most proficient sniper managed to achieve a staggering gain of over a million dollars in under 40 minutes.

Crypto Snipers: Profiting from the SAVM Token Launch

Crypto snipers have successfully made significant profits from the recent launch of the satoshivm (SAVM) token, as detailed by Arkham Intelligence. Sniping refers to the practice of executing crypto trades with exceptional speed and precision to gain a strategic advantage. This strategy involves setting parameters in advance for immediate purchasing upon the launch of a new token and utilizing automated trading bots. According to market data from, SAVM was initially priced at $6.83 per unit and is currently trading between $9.48 and $14.13.

Arkham Intelligence stated, "When SAVM launched 2 days ago, over $3 [million] of ETH attempted to snipe the token as soon as liquidity was deployed. It was a knife fight – with the top 3 most successful snipers all making over $1 [million] each, in under 12 hours. The largest sniping address, 0x278, bought 2 million SAVM for [$333,000], selling it over the next half an hour for a total of $1.7 [million]." The report further added that the second-largest participant made an investment of $220,000, acquiring 450,000 SAVM tokens, resulting in slightly over $1 million in profits. Another sniper distributed their purchases among five different accounts and made a total investment of 90 ETH to secure 191,000 SAVM tokens, which were later sold for 618.4 ETH, equivalent to $1.5 million.

The Controversy Surrounding Crypto Sniping

There is ongoing debate surrounding the practice of crypto sniping, particularly regarding the use of sniper bots in trading. The employment of these bots is contentious, as it raises concerns about market integrity and potential manipulative practices. Sniper bots can provide unfair advantages in the market, leading to price distortions and disadvantaging individual traders who cannot match the bots' speed and effectiveness.

Supporters of sniping argue that it is a groundbreaking approach that involves unfamiliar risks for traditional traders. Bot trades may not always succeed, transactions can fail, and market responses can be unpredictable. It requires boldness, tactical skill, and sometimes significant investments for those utilizing sophisticated tools like sniper bots to gain an advantage in the highly competitive crypto trading arena.

What are your thoughts on the practice of crypto sniping? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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