MetaBID: Revolutionizing Blockchain Auctions with Transparency and Rewards


MetaBID, the innovative auction platform, is set to transform the way people bid and win in the world of blockchain auctions. With its launch on November 4, 2023, MetaBID combines blockchain technology, a secure and transparent environment, and exciting opportunities to win highly prized digital assets at a fraction of their market price. Let's dive into what sets MetaBID apart and why it's your gateway to a future of thrilling auctions and immutable digital rewards.

What is MetaBID?

MetaBID is an emerging blockchain-driven auction platform designed for the new generation of auction enthusiasts. It takes the fundamental concept of auctions and enhances it with the power of blockchain technology, making the process more secure, transparent, and rewarding. With MetaBID, users can secure exclusive digital treasures like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Crypto Punks, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, and other highly coveted digital assets, often at unbelievably low prices.

Why Choose MetaBID?

MetaBID stands out from traditional auction platforms for several reasons:


Every asset and its pertinent auction parameters, such as the reserve price, bidding cycles, and maximum price, are transparently and permanently stored on-chain before any auction begins. This ensures that no rules are altered mid-game, offering clarity and assurance to all participants (bidders).

Audited by Certik

Certik, one of the world's leading blockchain auditing firms, has conducted a rigorous audit of MetaBID's bidding code. This audit ensures that the bidding mechanisms are fair, trustworthy, efficient, and free from vulnerabilities.

On-Chain Reliability

With all vital auction details and assets recorded on-chain, MetaBID guarantees fair play. This infrastructure ensures that no asset can be double-auctioned, and every auctioned asset is unique. The rules are clear and unchangeable for everyone before an auction begins.

Secure Transactions

Security remains paramount on MetaBID. All transactions on the platform are encrypted, ensuring the protection of your data and assets at every step of the way.

Fair Play Policy

MetaBID strictly prohibits any indication of foul play, such as the use of bots or automated software, excluding approved bots provided by MetaBID. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate account termination.

Sustainable Discounts with Reserve and Max Price

MetaBID ensures that users always enjoy significant discounts while operating sustainably without incurring losses. The platform's reserve and max price mechanisms contribute to this balance.

What to Expect from MetaBID?

MetaBID promises a series of captivating milestone events, with incredible assets up for grabs:

Public Sale

The public sale of BIDs kicks off on October 28, opening the doors to more participants.


On November 4, be part of MetaBID's inaugural auctions and experience the thrill of bidding and winning highly prized digital assets.

To learn more about MetaBID, secure your BID packs, and stay up to date with the pre-launch events and buzz, visit MetaBID's official website. You can also connect with the MetaBID community on Telegram and Discord to join the conversation and be part of this exciting journey of redefining auctions together.

About MetaBID

MetaBID's mission is to democratize digital wealth, making it accessible to individuals worldwide, regardless of their geographical location or financial situation. As an online auction platform leveraging blockchain technology, MetaBID brings transparency and fairness to auctions. As a product of MetFi DAO, MetaBID redefines the auction experience with its innovative approach to pricing, customizable bidding bots, and community-centric focus. The first auctions go live on November 4, 2023, and BID packs are available for purchase now.

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