BRN Metaverse Performs Unprecedented 90% Token Burn, Paving the Way for a New Era in Cryptocurrency

BRN Metaverse, a groundbreaking project at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, and WEB3 Gaming, has made a significant announcement. The project has officially declared a monumental token burn of 90%, setting a historical precedent in the cryptocurrency space. This strategic decision, revealed through the project's official channels, will result in the total token supply plummeting from 254 million to just 30 million.

A Bold Move to Redefine Market Dynamics

With its dedication to redefining market dynamics, BRN Metaverse aims to enhance its value proposition by implementing a bold token burning strategy. The phased approach, starting with the initial burning of 25 million coins on December 7, positions BRN Metaverse as an industry innovator.

The project, which initiated the first burn, will introduce the MEME Token and engage its community through a pre-sale opportunity where participants can burn $brn to participate. Following the MEME Token pre-sale, the project will initiate a second burn, eliminating an additional 199 million tokens, ultimately reducing the total supply to 30 million.

WEB3 Game Closed Betas and Exclusive Access for Token Holders

In addition to the token burn, BRN Metaverse is gearing up to launch closed betas for its WEB3 Games, providing token holders with exclusive access. The closed beta phase offers a unique opportunity for players to participate in events and receive a share of the $10,000 USDT pool for 15 days. Any issues identified during the closed beta will be swiftly addressed within three months, leading to the release of the game to the public with advanced features during the month-long open beta.

Currently, BRN Metaverse is traded on six major exchanges, including Mexc, Gateio, Bitmart, XT, Latoken, and Pancakeswap. With plans to expand its presence in the cryptocurrency landscape, the project aims to further solidify its position as a leading player in the market.

About BRN Metaverse

BRN Metaverse boasts a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, and WEB3 Games. The project stands out by realizing its initial proposal exclusively through WEB3, showcasing its commitment to cutting-edge technologies.

In October, alongside gaming innovations, BRN Metaverse took the lead in wearable technology development. The project aims to create an immersive gaming experience by introducing XR (Extended Reality) instead of traditional VR. XR wristbands convey in-game activities, while XR glasses designed for real-world use take the gaming experience beyond the virtual realm.

The BRN Metaverse team addresses a significant challenge in the GameFi sector by offering player rewards in USDT, striking a balance between in-game transactions and the token economy. Fifty percent of the revenue generated from in-game sales is allocated to BRN, ensuring a sustainable token value, while the remaining 50% fuels further development within the gaming ecosystem.

Market Metrics After Burn

Maximum Supply: 30,000,000

Total Supply: 30,000,000

Circulation Source: 20,000,000

Market Value: $3,000,000

For more information about BRN Metaverse, you can visit their official website: The project is currently available on the following exchanges: Mexc, Gateio, Bitmart, XT, Latoken, and PancakeSwap. You can also join their Telegram community: and follow them on Twitter: To explore all their social networks, visit:

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