Argentine Airline Flybondi Will Use NFT Technology To Issue Tickets

Flybondi is an Argentine low-cost airline that uses blockchain technology in its operations. Recently, Flybondi announced that it will begin issuing tickets in non-fungible tokens. This opens up the possibility of customers being able to do more with them. The tokens can be sold or transferred to travelers up to three business days before the flight.

Flybondi to Issue NFT Tickets

NFTs are becoming more popular because of the potential benefits and advantages they bring to businesses. Flybondi, a low cost Argentine airline that uses blockchain technology in its operations has announced it will issue tickets using non-fungible tokens, NFTs. This expands the customer's options.

Travelx, a company that develops blockchain technology, developed the solution. Customers can trade, transfer and sell tickets. Users can also change their names up to three days prior to the flight.

This alliance also offers the possibility to purchase these tickets via Binance Pay using stablecoins. USDC was included at the start. Travelx stated that additional stablecoins would be added to offer customers more options.

Travelx provided information about the potential benefits that users could enjoy from the change.

This innovative innovation will give travelers more flexibility and allow them to plan ahead. They will also be able access better rates and avoid the risk of purchasing tickets too far in advance.

Web3 introduces secondary markets

Customers will have access to secondary markets by including Web3 tech and NFTs into such operations. Travelx spoke out about the new technology and stated that it brings a new phase to the industry. It allows for a more flexible experience for travelers and generates new revenue.

Flybondi claims that Flybondi is a pioneer in this type of functionality, and others will follow suit if the experiment proves to be successful.

This year has seen a rapid increase in the number of projects that use NFTs to support their operations. The European Union announced on September 8 that it would use NFTs in order to protect intellectual property rights and combat counterfeiting. Grand View Research, an independent market research company, published a report in August estimating that the NFT market would reach $200 billion by 2030.

Flybondi issuing airline tickets as NFTs: What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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Title: Argentine Airline Flybondi to Adopt NFT Technology for Ticket Issuance
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Published Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 10:00:02 +0000

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