Funko Partners With Walmart To Drop DC Digital Collectibles And Physical Twin Counterparts

Funko announced Wednesday that it has partnered with Walmart, a multinational retailer, and Warner Bros., an American film and entertainment studio, to offer digital collectibles in the retail space. Funko claims that the digital collectibles are consumer-friendly as they can be purchased simultaneously in both a non-fungible token (NFT), and a physical collectible.

Funko, Warner Bros. and Walmart Drop NFTs Tied To Physical Collectibles

Funko, a company well-known for its unique bobbleheads as well as vinyl figurines (Nasdaq : FNKO), announced a partnership between the entertainment company Warner Bros. and Walmart. Funko claims that the company will bring NFTs to the retail market with a Digital Pop series featuring DC's "The Brave and the Bold", #28 (1959). Comic Cover Pop. This collectible features Starro being defeated by the Justice League and will be available only on starting October 7.

Walmart Collector Con will see the new Funko Digital Pop, and the company claims that 30,000 units will be available. Funko explained Wednesday that this includes the NFT as well as "its physical twin counterpart". Funko is a veteran in the non-fungible token space (NFT) and has recently teamed up with Paramount Entertainment to release "Avatar Legends” NFTs.

The company has been associated with many well-known brands. Its Digital Pop series highlights cult classics such as Jay and Silent Bob and DC Comics characters. Andrew Perlmutter is the chief executive officer of Funko. He explained how the company, a pop culture collectors firm, is thrilled to introduce the latest Digital Pop NFTs into the retail market. Perlmutter stated that they are excited to offer this opportunity to the largest mass retailer in the world. Funko CEO also added:

This allows fans to easily access digital collectibles featuring their favorite brands and characters.

Funko isn't the first company to offer NFTs in the retail sector. Topps, a trading card, candy and collectibles company, introduced the "2021 Garbage Pail Kids Food Fight" series. It included physical cards as well as Garbage Pail Kids NFTs (GPK). GPK NFTs were available in GPK cards packs that were sold at Target and Walmart retail stores.

The luxury jewelry and specialty retailer Tiffany & Co. introduced last month jeweled Cryptopunk pendants that were tied to NFTs. The NBA Top Shot collection was made available to fans who visited Top Shot kiosks during last year's NBA Summer League Games. Josh Hackbarth, Warner Bros.' head of NFT commercial developments, explained that Funko Digital Pop at Walmart should be available to a wider audience.

Hackbarth stated in a statement that "Bringing this new collection digital collectibles to the retail market will allow for an even wider reach and invite fans – both avid collectors as well as those who are just starting to get into the space, the opportunity to interact, physically and digitally with loved franchises, such DC." The "The Brave and the Bold", series that DC Comics first published in the 1950s, features team-ups featuring well-known DC characters.

What do you think of Funko's partnership with Warner Bros. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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