2022’s Top States for Retired in the U.S.

Congrats! Congratulations! Now the question is, where should you retire? While there are certain states that offer better retirement living and financial benefits, the best place to retire is dependent on your priorities.

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Personal Capital's Retirement Planner is a great tool to help you understand the potential impact of retirement in different states. These online tools allow you to anticipate large expenses, such as buying a house or sending your children through college, run different scenarios and create a retirement spending plan.

This calculator can help you compare your retirement savings to other people in your state as you think about making a major move.

How to Choose the Best State for Retirement

Your unique financial situation and priorities will determine the best decision for you. These are important considerations to make when you're looking for the best retirement locations.

Quality of Life

This is the most personal consideration because everyone has their own definition of what makes life great. It may be a way to soak up the city's cultural riches. It may also mean being alone or surrounded by nature.

Are you more drawn to the tranquility of a small beach town than the bustle and bustle of a large city? Do you want to explore new communities and make new friends? Or would you prefer to build deeper relationships with those you already know, or be closer to your family? These and many other factors will impact your quality of life.

Housing Prices

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, housing costs have been rising almost everywhere. However, there are still some areas that started with high rent and home prices. They've risen even more. Your budget will be affected more by where and how you plan to purchase or rent a house in retirement.

Healthcare Costs

The location is only one of many factors that can influence the cost of healthcare for retirees. HealthView Services' 2021 report revealed that the majority of retirees can expect to see their total retirement healthcare expenses fall between $156,208 – $1 million.

Medicare Part D premiums and Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap premiums and out-of pocket spending are some of the costs that can vary from one state to another. According to the report, Massachusetts and Maryland are more costly in these categories while Hawaii and New Mexico are much less expensive with some costs close to 50% lower.


While this is an important consideration all through our lives, it can be a significant factor in retirement. You may need to pay taxes depending on how much retirement income you have. While federal income tax is an established fact, living in a state that has a high income tax rate may leave you with less income.

Cost of Living

The state cost of living encompasses healthcare, housing, taxes and insurance. It also includes the cost of daily goods, such as food and transport. It is clear that certain places in the U.S. can be more expensive than others. This should be your first consideration if you want to reduce retirement costs.


Do you want all-year sunshine? Do you prefer to see the seasons all year? Perhaps two homes are better suited to your snowbird tendencies. No matter what your preference may be, it is important to do your research. Climate change will have a significant impact on retirement destinations like Florida. It is becoming more expensive to insure homes in states that have higher climate risk factors. Make sure you factor this into your plan.

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These are the Best States to Retire In 2022

We came up with an easy formula to find the right state to retire in: Follow the money.

Millionaires are more likely to have the opportunity to live in areas that offer the best lifestyles. While anyone can go broke if they spend too much, it is possible to have more choices about where to live.

Let's take a look at the states that have the highest number of millionaires to determine the best state for retiring. Then, we can compare those states with the lowest taxes with the states with the highest. This allows us to take into account both lifestyle and financial considerations. This is a fun way to have some fun with retirement planning.

According to our formula, the top two states in which to retire are — please roll your eyes — Alaska and New Hampshire. Washington, Virginia, Delaware and Virginia are all among the top 20 most popular states to retire in, according to both lists.

It is interesting to note that states with low taxes like South Dakota or Texas are not in the top 10 or 20 states with the highest number of millionaires. These states have such great tax benefits that we will be watching to see if they make it on the list.

The surprise of the shortlist is Delaware, which is not a state that you would normally think of when it came to millionaires. Wyoming and Florida are also on the list but they did not make the cut due to their low taxes and great lifestyles. Florida is known for its beachfront lifestyle, but if you have ever visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming will be your first choice.

Which States have the lowest tax burden?

Instead of looking at taxes rates, which may vary depending on your particular circumstances, the "tax burden” number measures the percentage of personal income you would pay for state and local taxes.

We used Wallethub's list to determine the tax burden. It compares 50 states against three types of state taxes in 2022: individual income taxes, property taxes, and sales & exise taxes.

Rank State Total Tax Burden Property Tax Burden Individual Income Tax Burden Total Sales & Excise Tax Burden
1 Alaska 5.06% 3.54% 0.00% 1.52%
2 Tennessee 5.75% 1.71% 0.06% 3.98%
3 Delaware 6.22% 1.77% 3.28% 1.17%
4 Wyoming 6.32% 3.32% 0.00% 3.00%
5 New Hampshire 6.41% 5.11% 0.14% 1.16%
6 Florida 6.64% 2.77% 0.00% 3.87%
7 South Dakota 7.12% 2.84% 0.00% 4.28%
8 Montana 7.39% 3.45% 2.66% 1.28%
9 Alabama 7.41% 1.41% 2.00% 4.00%
10 Oklahoma 7.47% 1.74% 1.90% 3.38%

Which States have the Most Millionaires?

Let's now look at the 10 states with the highest number of millionaires per household as of 2019. This is the most recent data.

Rank State Millionaire Households: %
1 New Jersey 9.76%
2 Maryland 9.72%
3 Connecticut 9.44%
4 Massachusetts 9.38%
5 Hawaii 9.20%
6 California 8.51%
7 New Hampshire 8.47%
8 Virginia 8.31%
9 Alaska 8.18%
10 Washington 7.85%

Is it financially wise to move in retirement?

There are nine states in the United States that do not have income taxes for those who wish to retire. These include Alaska, Florida (Florida), Nevada, New Hampshire and South Dakota. Relocating is financially smart for many retired people who have the financial means to do so, especially if their home states have high taxes such as New York or California.

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The Best Places to Retire in Each State

These are the 10 Best places to retire in Virginia in 2022. The 10 best places to retire in Texas in 2023. The Best Places To Retire In New Mexico in 2023. The Best Places To Retire In Tennessee in 2023. The 9 Best Places for Retired in Delaware. The 10 Best Retired in Michigan. The 10 Best Retired in Washington State. The 11 Best Places To Retire Colorado in 2023.



What about Retirement Lifestyle?

In retirement, money is not everything. If you don't have the means to spend your money on a lifestyle you love, like being outdoors and able to go to fine dinners, shows, or museums, then it's not worth it. Many people won't have unlimited money when they reach retirement age so it may be necessary to make sacrifices or relocate.

Since it is subjective, it is impossible to determine which state offers the best retirement lifestyle. Do you prefer the big cities? Do you prefer quieter towns? Perhaps you prefer a quiet retreat in the country? It all depends on you.

Our Take

It's not clear which state is best for retirement. Everybody is biased. My home state of Hawaii is my dream based on its lifestyle. However, Colorado, where we've lived for almost two decades, offers many of the same lifestyle perks with lower overall cost. Decisions!

This list is purely for entertainment, but it can also be a great place to start if your goal is to move to a lower tax state. Check out our Retirement Planner tool to determine if moving would be financially beneficial. It allows you to plan scenarios to assess how your retirement prospects will change.

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By: Paul Deer, CFP®
Title: 2022’s Best States to Retire in the U.S.
Sourced From: www.personalcapital.com/blog/retirement-planning/top-states-to-retire/
Published Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2022 14:00:27 +0000

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