What does FRAG do in Tron?

FRAG Token offers 1% deflation, along with all other perks

FRAG has more dapps than I care to explain. Good job guys!

Because it reduces the supply of new buyers, I like deflation. These buyers could be traders, or long-term holders. Only time will tell. The 1% inflation for FRAG is a tax or tax on weak hands. It's a tax on savers, which I love.

FRAG is a strong foundation

FRAG runs on Tron and works well. I am amused by the number of people calling it a scam when I look at the TRX network activity. What was Tron in 2017/2018? "They copied the best parts of many of the most popular cryptos"

Open-source tech is a great way to innovate and I don't blame companies for that. I bought TRX at ICO, but it cost me more than the buy-in price. This is why TRX keeps me invested. Tron is a solid network that offers unique investments like FRAG. I use Tron a lot. TRX is the ideal network for fast and cheap TX like what dapps require.

TRX shares similar use cases to WAVES, and also shares the same issue in my mind. The high supply and the inflation rate that is set by those who receive them. The voters, like WAVES have recognized the importance of self-restraint, and kept inflation at 0.5-2.0%, depending on how you slice the story.

Back 2 the FRAG

Among all deflationary tokens, FRAG is the leader in dapps. There is a raffle, dividend compounders and games. There are 9 dapps available on fragtoken.io, and their 10th may be my favourite. Favorites are determined based on % gains. Tron Prime will hopefully live up to the FRAG boxes.

Tron Prime allows you to deposit TRX and diversifies across hourglass compounding mutual funds. Tron Prime deposits TRX into FRAG box, one of these hourglass funds. An hourglass fund is a collection of % of all crytpto entering or leaving. It works in the same way as a POWH3d-style dapp.

Although the dapp is still in its infancy, it already offers 5 investment vehicles and the possibility to borrow 50-70% of your TRX.

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By: Satoshi Knotabolo
Title: What is FRAG Doing on Tron?
Sourced From: medium.com/@satoshiknotabolo/what-is-frag-doing-on-tron-983322acfc39?source=rss-3a66ed4955——2
Published Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 05:07:27 GMT

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