Validating Lightning Signer Separates Keys from Nodes

Sphinx uses the Validating Lightning Signature architecture to seperate the keys from Lightning nodes using a dedicated signing device.

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They are true to their words: Bear markets are built for building. The Sphinx team has provided a shining example by showing how their Lightning node leverages the Validating Lightning Signer architecture. This separates the keys and the Lightning node via a dedicated signing device. The small device that hangs from the wall outlet is the one shown above.

"Why is this important?" Very good question, freak. It was a cumbersome task to manage a Lightning Network node, especially up until now (well, actually earlier this year when Nodl launched their Nodlito project). This is due to the requirement for 100% uptime in order to process payments. Many enterprise-level Lightning users have started to use cloud servers farms to provide the required uptime. This can lead to Lightning nodes becoming somewhat like sitting ducks. It has been a common practice to keep the node and keys that grant access to Lightning channels within the same hardware. Therefore, it would not be difficult for an attacker to identify and confiscate Lightning hardware located in servers farms around the globe. This could allow the attacker to take a user's bitcoin.

Nodlito's Validating Lightning Signer and Nodlito's Validating Lightning Signer are new ways to do things. These projects are designed to give users the ability to seperate the key and node functions, thereby allowing for a single point of failure. Although the hardware that runs the node in a specific server farm can be turned off, the user will still have access to their keys and bitcoin.

Here is how the architecture of the Validating Lightning Signer looks like:

via Validating Lightning Signer GitLab

This type of Lightning node setup could be commonplace and allow more people to join the network without worrying about their node hardware. Although it is the best way to join the Lightning Network, running your own node would be the best. However, the uptime requirement to be a legitimate operator of the node prevents many people from fully participating. This seems like a fair tradeoff in order to allow more people to run their node software on the cloud. These cloud providers are centralized entities. But, if your keys are safe, you can have the security of knowing that your money is always available. With more freedom-focused cloud providers such as Nodl on the market, there are more options for Bitcoiners.

This type of architecture is encouraging regardless. It highlights something that many who criticize Bitcoin and many of the die-hard Bitcoiners ignore: The creativity of those building on Bitcoin, Lightning, and any other parts of the stack will continue its surprise. No one can predict what the stack will look and what it will offer in the future. It is absurd that people attempt to project future activity onto the network by taking a snapshot of activity in the stack. We don't know everything. What we don't know will drive the design landscape for Bitcoin's future. This future looks bright.

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By: Marty Bent
Title: Validating Lightning Signer Separates Keys From Nodes
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Published Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 03:00:00 GMT

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