FTX Trustees’ Significant Stake in Solana Amid Bankruptcy Proceedings

The bankruptcy proceedings of the defunct exchange, FTX, have revealed a significant development. Records show the trustees overseeing the bankruptcy have staked an impressive 5.5 million solana (SOL) tokens. The total value of FTX's solana holdings currently stands at a staggering $1.16 billion. It is important to note that a large chunk of these assets will be under a lock-up period, with full release slated for 2028.

FTX Estate's Massive SOL Stake Uncovered

On October 13, Whale Alert reported a transaction involving 5.5 million SOL tokens. Following this report, onchain analyst Ashpool noted that the large SOL stake was tied to the FTX estate. Ashpool also indicated that the funds had been sent to the validator Figment for staking purposes.

The Potential Returns from SOL Staking

The returns from SOL staking can vary considerably. While some suggest that SOL staking typically yields around 5.5% APY, others argue that it can produce returns of up to 14.47% APY. This largely depends on the chosen staking platform. Solana staking rewards are generally distributed every 2-3 days, but the exact frequency can vary due to network conditions and other factors.

FTX's SOL Holdings and Their Accessibility

Although the FTX estate holds about $1.16 billion in SOL, this sum is not immediately available. A portion of 12 million SOL is expected to be released incrementally every 30 days until 2027. Additionally, another 34.52 million SOL is scheduled for gradual monthly release until 2028. These portions are disbursing monthly SOL that FTX can choose to either sell or stake. Interestingly, FTX also has the option to sell the keys to the entire vested amount before its official release date.

Your Thoughts on FTX's SOL Staking

We would love to hear your views and opinions on this particular matter. What are your thoughts on the FTX estate staking 5.5 million SOL? Please share your insights on this topic below.

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By: Jamie Redman
Title: FTX Trustees’ Significant Stake in Solana Amid Bankruptcy Proceedings
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/ftx-estate-stakes-5-5-million-sol-millions-locked-until-2028/
Published Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2023 15:30:18 +0000

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