Firms Optimistic about SEC Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, says Fox Business

Financial firms are feeling confident that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) after January 8, 2024, according to Charles Gasparino of Fox Business. Gasparino's post also highlighted that Bitcoin ETF shares will only be purchasable with cash, as the SEC is concerned about the potential for money laundering through ETFs.

Regulatory Concerns Addressed in Meetings

In recent weeks, spot Bitcoin ETF issuers, including BlackRock, have been engaging in discussions with the SEC to finalize the details of their proposed ETFs. One specific topic that the regulator has been focusing on is the choice between in-kind and in-cash creations for ETF shares. Bloomberg senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas commented on this, stating that the SEC is worried about money laundering through in-kind creations in a spot Bitcoin ETF, which is why they are emphasizing cash creates only.

Earlier this week, BlackRock and other ETF issuers complied with the SEC's requirements and submitted their ETFs for in-cash creations. It is important to note that although the ETFs will hold spot Bitcoin, the process of purchasing shares will be conducted using cash. Investors will provide cash to their chosen ETF issuer, who will then use the funds to acquire spot Bitcoin for the ETF.

"BlackRock has decided to go cash only, settling the debate. In-kind creations will have to wait," stated Balchunas on Monday.

Potential Milestone for Bitcoin Integration

If the SEC approves these proposed Bitcoin ETFs, it would signify a significant milestone in the legitimization and integration of Bitcoin into traditional investment portfolios. Furthermore, it would indicate a shift in regulatory sentiment towards greater acceptance and regulation of Bitcoin.

Although the SEC has not released any official statements regarding these discussions, Gasparino's post has generated interest and optimism within the financial industry. Stakeholders are eagerly awaiting a potential approval around January 8.

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By: Nik Hoffman
Title: Firms Optimistic about SEC Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, says Fox Business
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Published Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2023 16:03:12 GMT

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