Core DAO Launches $5 Million ‘Innovation Fund’ to Support Africa-Based Web3 Developers


Core DAO, the foundation supporting Core Chain protocol, has recently announced the launch of a $5 million fund. The fund aims to provide resources and networks to support African Web3 builders. With a significant portion of Core DAO's community based in Africa, the foundation believes it is crucial to support the continent's Web3 builders.

More Than Just a Regular Fund

Core DAO's $5 million fund, known as Core African Innovation Fund, is not just a regular fund. It goes beyond providing monetary support. The foundation aims to nurture the next generation of builders and create a sustainable and interconnected blockchain future within the continent. This fund will provide qualifying projects or individuals with grants, builder programs, technical resources, and venture capital investments.

Driving Growth and Innovation in Africa

Brendan Sedo, a contributor at Core DAO, emphasizes that the fund is a combination of grants and venture capital investments. Its purpose is to help developers improve their products. Given that a significant part of Core DAO's community is located in Africa, launching a fund to support the continent's Web3 builders is a logical step. The foundation's approach ensures the promotion of long-term success and plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and growth within the African Web3 landscape.

Appointment of Oluwashina Peter

As part of Core DAO's strategy to strengthen its presence in Africa, the foundation has appointed Oluwashina Peter as its first contributor from the continent. This appointment demonstrates Core DAO's commitment to supporting the African Web3 ecosystem and fostering collaboration with local builders.


Core DAO's launch of the Core African Innovation Fund highlights its dedication to supporting Africa-based Web3 developers. With a focus on nurturing the next generation of builders and creating a sustainable blockchain future, the fund is set to drive growth and innovation within the African Web3 landscape. By providing grants, builder programs, technical resources, and venture capital investments, Core DAO aims to empower developers and support the best projects in Africa.

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By: Terence Zimwara
Title: Core DAO Launches $5 Million ‘Innovation Fund’ to Support Africa-Based Web3 Developers
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Published Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2024 11:00:49 +0000

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