Central Bank Digital Currencies Will Shape the Future of the Financial System, Says BIS Chief


In a recent speech in Basel, Switzerland, Agustín Carstens, the chief of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), expressed his belief that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will play a vital role in the future financial system. Carstens highlighted the potential for innovation and meeting public expectations that CBDCs bring. While acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead, Carstens emphasized the importance of CBDCs in securing the future monetary system.

CBDCs as Innovators in the Crypto Domain

Carstens has consistently expressed skepticism towards stablecoins and public crypto assets, instead placing his faith in CBDCs as major innovators in the cryptocurrency realm. During a discussion on securing the future monetary system, Carstens shared his insights on CBDCs and their potential impact.

The Need for Security and Trust

Carstens emphasized that CBDCs, whether for wholesale or retail use, must prioritize security and be perceived as secure by the public to maintain trust. He acknowledged the challenges posed by cybersecurity and emerging technologies such as quantum computing. To address these challenges, Carstens stressed the importance of flexibility in design, allowing security measures to adapt rapidly.

Carstens also highlighted the significance of privacy in retail CBDCs, stating that maintaining an appropriate level of privacy is crucial for ensuring public acceptance. The BIS Innovation Hub has undertaken projects to integrate quantum-resistant cryptography into CBDC systems and enhance offline resilience.

The Potential of CBDCs

According to Carstens, CBDCs have the potential to enable efficient and sophisticated financial services. He argued that central banks have a responsibility to lead digital innovation for the public good. Carstens also emphasized the need for robust security in CBDCs, citing examples from the crypto universe where hackers exploited poorly designed and supervised financial systems.

Concerns and Criticisms

While Carstens highlighted the benefits of CBDCs, there are concerns raised by privacy advocates and U.S. politicians. They worry that CBDCs could lead to unprecedented government surveillance and control, potentially compromising financial privacy. Critics also raise concerns about government overreach and the risk of financial exclusion if CBDCs replace cash. Additionally, valid cybersecurity concerns exist.

Addressing Security Challenges

Carstens acknowledged that CBDCs face formidable security challenges in their digital form. However, he emphasized that these challenges are unavoidable if central banks are to fulfill their mandate of providing money that meets the needs and expectations of the public. Carstens reassured that the BIS is ready to assist central banks in achieving their goals.


As CBDCs continue to gain attention and momentum, the BIS chief's commentary underscores their significance in shaping the future of the financial system. While challenges and concerns persist, the potential for innovation, secure financial services, and public acceptance make CBDCs a topic of great importance and interest.

What are your thoughts on the BIS chief's views regarding CBDCs? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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By: Jamie Redman
Title: Central Bank Digital Currencies Will Shape the Future of the Financial System, Says BIS Chief
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/bis-chief-touts-benefits-of-cbdcs-says-crypto-reveals-poorly-designed-and-poorly-supervised-financial-systems/
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