Cardano and Avalanche Soar, Outperforming Top 20 Cryptos in Weekly Surge

Cardano and Avalanche Lead the Pack with Impressive Weekly Gains

Recent market data reveals that two prominent cryptocurrencies within the top 20 in terms of market capitalization, avalanche (AVAX) and cardano (ADA), have witnessed significant growth over the past week. Avalanche has experienced a remarkable surge of 48.7%, while cardano has seen an impressive increase of 50.4% against the U.S. dollar.

Standout Performers: Cardano (ADA) and Avalanche (AVAX)

With a staggering 11,380 crypto assets listed on 940 crypto exchanges, the total value of the cryptocurrency market currently stands at $1.71 trillion. While popular tokens like bitcoin (BTC) witnessed a 10.2% increase and ethereum (ETH) saw an 8.3% rise, it is cardano and avalanche that have truly stood out, recording double-digit gains against the U.S. dollar.

Cardano (ADA) has seen a remarkable surge of 50.4%, reaching a high of 63 cents on December 9, 2023. Over the past month, ADA has climbed by an impressive 60.4%, and in the last year, the token has surged by 89.1% against the dollar. With a market capitalization of approximately $20.75 billion, cardano currently holds the ninth position among the top ten cryptocurrencies.

Over the past 24 hours, ADA has witnessed a trading volume of $1.39 billion. Despite the 89.1% gain over the year, ADA still remains more than 80% below its all-time high. On September 2, 2021, ADA reached $3.09 per coin, whereas it is currently trading at 59 cents per unit. Comparatively, cardano has experienced an astounding 2,964% increase from its price of approximately 1.9 cents recorded three years ago.

Avalanche (AVAX) has also witnessed substantial growth, with a surge of 48.7% against the U.S. dollar this week. With a market capitalization of $12 billion, AVAX currently holds the 11th position in terms of overall valuation. However, it has slightly decreased from its recent high of $33.98 recorded on December 9, 2023, and is currently trading at $33.15 per AVAX. Over the past 30 days, AVAX has experienced significantly larger gains, jumping by an impressive 149%.

Over the course of the past year, AVAX has seen a surge of 146.5% against the dollar. However, it is important to note that AVAX is still more than 77% below its all-time high price recorded on November 21, 2021, when it was trading at $144.96 per unit. On the other hand, AVAX has witnessed a remarkable 1,067% increase from its all-time low of $2.80 on December 31, 2020. In the past 24 hours, avalanche has seen a global trading volume of approximately $1.13 billion.

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