Bona Fide Wealth President: Bitcoin as ‘Digital Gold’ and the Battle Between Crypto Natives and Traditional Finance

Investments That Generate Alpha: Boneparth's Perspective

In a recent discussion, Douglas Boneparth, president and founder of Bona Fide Wealth, shed light on the emerging spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the categorization of bitcoin as an asset class. Engaging with Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg's senior ETF analyst, on the "Bloomberg ETF IQ" show, Boneparth compared bitcoin to what he terms digital gold.

"I view bitcoin in its most simplistic form as digital gold, as a digital store of value," Boneparth said. "While the price action of bitcoin may not always align with its store of value status, there is room for alternative investments in a portfolio. Clients are constantly seeking investments that are uncorrelated or have the potential to produce alpha. These are the types of investments that will always have some appeal."

When asked about the level of interest in the new spot bitcoin ETF, especially from the 'baby boomer' generation, Boneparth noted a lack of significant inbound calls. "I expected to receive inquiries from a few individuals, particularly baby boomers who were previously uninterested in purchasing cryptocurrency through an exchange. I primarily work with individuals in their mid to late 30s, and we have been discussing and educating them about cryptocurrency and bitcoin long before these products were available."

The Clash Between Crypto Natives and Traditional Finance

During the show, host Katie Greifeld asked Boneparth about his perspective on the differences between native crypto companies like Bitwise and established trade finance firms such as Blackrock and Fidelity. Boneparth referenced Bitwise's contributions to Bitcoin Core developers and suggested that individuals who believe in blockchain and crypto may find a crypto-native fund more appealing. Ultimately, Boneparth concluded that it remains to be seen which side will prevail as time goes on.

"The question is whether these native crypto companies have an edge over the massive shops like Blackrock or Fidelity, which also have robust crypto desks and talented individuals," Boneparth told Greifeld. "They are on equal footing, so we will find out if it makes sense to choose a native crypto company over one of the big players."

What are your thoughts on the statements made by the president of Bona Fide Wealth? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Title: Bona Fide Wealth President: Bitcoin as ‘Digital Gold' and the Battle Between Crypto Natives and Traditional Finance
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