Biden Administration Targets Bitcoin Mining With New Report

Although the report doesn't propose any new regulations it sends a warning to miners of bitcoin.

This opinion editorial is by Robert Hall, who is a content creator and small-business owner.

A report by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy warned that mining requires a lot of energy and demanded miners to become more green or face a ban. What can we do as plebs to protect Bitcoin against government overreach?

September 8, 2022 should be considered the date that the United States declared war on Bitcoin and its supporter. The White House and President Biden sent shockwaves through Bitcoin communities with their announcement that they were considering banning proof-of-work miners, which is what gives Bitcoin its power.

This is a clear indication of the severity of the attack. This is an avowed attack on Bitcoin, the asset, Bitcoin The Protocol, the industry that has organically grew since 2009, and more importantly, its supporters.

The Biden administration isn't concerned that Bitcoin's annual settlement volume exceeded Visa last year. Did you know that $13.1 trillion in transactions were made on-chain by 2021? The legacy financial system is likely losing their sleep over this. They are working overtime to control Bitcoin and stop it from becoming a total mess.

The Federal Reserve, the Federal Government and the banks all have a symbiotic relationship. They need each other for survival. Each one draws power from the other until you are unsure who is in control most of the time.

The banks finance the campaigns to buy politicians they want, while the politicians pass laws that are in the bank's favor. This entire arrangement is made possible by the federal reserve, which acts as a middleman. This is how the system works, for both the banks and the politicians. Naturally, both parties are incentivized and encouraged to attack Bitcoin.

The federal government uses ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance narrative) as a convenient tool to condition the public into accepting government interference in business operations. Because Bitcoin is energy-secured, it makes it easy to denigrate the Bitcoin protocol. Here's a sample of FUD:

"Why Bitcoin is Bad for the Environment"

"Bitcoin Consumes More Electricity Than Argentina"

"Bitcoin mining operation In Finger Lakes Sparks Local Concerns"

Because Bitcoin is still a small asset class, compared to the stock and bond markets, this type of propaganda is not resisted. As of the time this article was written, Bitcoin's market cap is under $500 billion. So why are they trying to take Bitcoin down like this?

The world is changing rapidly lends credence the idea that they are trying to control the situation and block exits. This is a form of capital control function. The government does not want dollars flowing into assets they do not control. They know they can't let the ball drop.

Because they intend to implement this policy soon, I think the Biden administration has floated the idea of banning proof-of work mining. This is a situation that must be dealt with immediately. You must act if you care about Bitcoin.

How can Bitcoiners fight back?

We can take many actions as Bitcoiners to stop this policy being implemented. It is best to educate those who have the ability to stop it from happening.

This is what it looks like in practice. Contact your senator representatives and your house representatives to let them know that you are concerned about this issue. They will listen more if more people speak out. This tactic has worked in the past. A recent example is the rapid mobilization against last year's infrastructure bill. During this fight, forty thousand calls were made!

Despite all the support from the wider cryptocurrency industry, President Biden signed the infrastructure package last November. We lost the battle but the silver lining is that we were able mobilize thousands to make a call. This is a huge deal and something that could be built on.

Focus On The States

To prevent Bitcoin being taken away from us, we need to be more active in advocacy and educate. America has a decentralized government. This is the beauty of America. There are 50 state legislatures that must listen to Bitcoiners.

In my opinion, this is where we should focus our efforts. While advocacy and education at the federal level might be helpful, I believe it is a forgone conclusion that the current administration opposes Bitcoin and will not change their stance. They value control and power over American citizens' well-being.

The power of the 10th Amendment to the United States should be used by Bitcoiners to present their case to the state legislators. The 10th Amendment states that "The powers not delegated by the Constitution to the United States nor prohibited by it are to the States to the States" and that they are reserved for the States or the people.

The Constitution doesn't give the federal government power to regulate energy use by the people or states. The states should respond by nullifying a so-called ban of proof-of-work miners.

Incentives to support Bitcoin mining through the 10th Amendment include educating state legislators on both sides of each aisle about Bitcoin mining and the benefits it could generate for their state.

Citizens in these 26 states can vote to protect Bitcoin mining by not having to go through state legislatures.

Don't be afraid to ignore any bans that may occur and keep your miner(s) plugged in at work. Imagine a world in which every home has an S9 mining Bitcoin at home. There is nothing they can do.

As free individuals, we have the right and obligation to use the most money that has ever been created in order to preserve our wealth as well as our time. This money cannot be taken away by the government. Keep fighting the good fight! We will prevail in the end.

Robert Hall contributed this guest post. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc. and Bitcoin Magazine.

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By: Robert Hall
Title: Biden Administration Targets Bitcoin Mining In New Report
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Published Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2022 23:20:00 GMT

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