11 Best Places To Retire in Colorado In 2023

Many people spend years imagining what their retirement looks like. You've likely dreamed of what you'll do when you have more time. You may also have thought about where you will live. Yes, Texas and Florida are popular choices for retirees. Many people are looking for new places to live their golden years.

Is Colorado a Good Place to Retire?

Colorado has been gaining attention and is now a popular destination for retirees. It is easy to see why its population has increased steadily over the last several years.

First, Colorado offers many obvious advantages in terms of landscape and recreation. Colorado is home to many outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to its abundance of lakes and mountains.

Colorado is also a top choice for health. Colorado is well-known for its healthy, delicious, and often local, food. Colorado has several hospitals that are nationally recognized and offer top-notch healthcare services for both seniors and young people.

Colorado also has a strong culture. Colorado is well-known for its strong outdoor culture and strong art scene. It also boasts a number of craft breweries as well as wineries.

Colorado offers some financial advantages. The cost of living in Colorado is higher than the national average and has been rising as more people move to the state. Colorado is tax-friendly for seniors. Individuals 65 years and older can take a substantial deduction from their retirement income. Colorado has one of the lowest property and sales taxes in the country. Seniors who own or occupy homes in Colorado are exempt from property tax.

Colorado's 11 Best Places for Retired

1. Greeley

  • Population: 109,323
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:2%
  • Median House Value: $458.146
  • Living Costs (Compared to State Average): 13% Lower
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 33% Lower
  • Crime Rate (Compared with the State Average: 11% Lower
  • Amenities Score A+

Greeley, located in northern Colorado's Weld County, is a major city. It is located in the northern part of Colorado, near Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver. The University of Northern Colorado is located in Greeley, a college town. The WeldWerks Brewery is also located in Greeley, one of the most renowned in Colorado. Greeley offers many outdoor recreation options, including parks, grasslands, hiking trails, and more. The city also has strong culture and history that can be experienced at local museums and other attractions.

Greeley offers many perks to residents and retirees. First, housing costs, healthcare costs and overall living expenses are all lower in Greeley than the average state. There are many amenities and a low crime rate. Greeley's only problem is its small senior population. This could make it harder to build a community.

2. Pueblo

  • Population: 112,368
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:2%
  • Median House Value: 312,177
  • Living Costs (Compared to State Averages): 20% Lower
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 9.9% Lower
  • Crime Rate (Compared with the State Average: 74% Higher)
  • Amenities Score A+

Pueblo, Colorado is a major city located in the middle of the state. The Pueblo Zoo, Colorado State University of Pueblo and the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk are all part of the city. It is popular for camping, fishing, and boating. There are many museums in Pueblo that showcase the rich history and culture of Pueblo.

Pueblo has its downsides. Its crime rate is higher than the state average. It also offers a low cost of living, with affordable housing (even lower than the national median) and low healthcare costs. The state also has a large senior population.

3. Fruita

  • Population: 13,508
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:3%
  • Median House Value: $433.260
  • Living Costs (Compared to State Average): 6 % lower
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 5.5%
  • Crime Rate (Compared with the State Average: 61% Lower
  • Amenities Score A+

Fruita is a small community in Mesa County, Colorado's western part. The city is located just minutes from Utah. Named after the state's origins as a fruit-producing area, it is still a small state. Fruita is a small community that lies along the Colorado River. It offers a lot of outdoor recreation, despite being so small. You'll find numerous popular trails, canyons, as well as other natural areas within and around the town. The Museums of Western Colorado's Dinosaur Journey Museum is located in the town.

Fruita is a small town, with a high percentage of its residents over 65. The state has lower housing costs than the average and an overall living cost that is below the state's. The state's crime rate is significantly lower than that of the national and state averages.

4. Fort Collins

  • Population: 168,538
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:9%
  • Median House Value: $592 263
  • Living Cost (Compared to the State average): Equal
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 33% Lower
  • Crime Rate (Compared to the State Average: 27% Lower
  • Amenities Score A+

Fort Collins is fourth in Colorado's largest city by population. It is located in the northwest corner of Colorado, about an hour north of Denver. Fort Collins is a city with a rich culture that will appeal to retirees. First, Fort Collins is the Craft Beer Capital in Colorado. This is a big deal considering how many craft breweries Colorado has. The city also boasts a vibrant art scene, including a ballet, opera and art galleries. Fort Collins is also surrounded by outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, boating and kayaking, and horseback riding.

Fort Collins' cost of living is comparable to the state average. Housing is slightly more costly, but healthcare is more affordable. The overall cost of living in the city is almost identical to that of Colorado. It also has a low crime rate, and offers many amenities. It has a small senior population, with only 10% of residents 65 and older.

5. Estes Park

  • Population: 5,880
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:9%
  • Median House Value: $731.040
  • Living Cost (Compared to State Average): 4 Percent Higher
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 33% Lower
  • Crime Rate (Compared with the State Average: 67% Lower
  • Amenities Score A+

Estes Park, a small community in Northern Colorado, serves as the base for Rocky Mountain National Park. The city is located just outside of one of the most famous national parks and is surrounded on all sides by mountains. You will find the Roosevelt National Forest and other wildlife nearby. Estes Park is the perfect place for outdoor recreation.

Estes Park's housing costs and overall cost of living are higher than the average for the state. It has a lower than average crime rate and healthcare costs. Senior citizens make up more than 40% of the population, which makes it easy to find a place.

6. Buena Vista

  • Population: 2,935
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older: 12.
  • Median House Value: $524.725
  • Living Costs (Compared to State Averages): 5% Lower
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 2.2%
  • Crime Rate (Compared with the State Average: 45% Lower
  • Amenities Score A+

Buena Vista, a small community in central Colorado's Chaffee County, is known as "Buena Vista". It is known for its Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area, which is located in the San Isabel National Forest. This area also contains part of the Sawatch Range Mountains. There are mountains all around Buena Vista. This makes it an ideal place for hiking or outdoor recreation. Buenavista Heritage Museum is another place you can find local culture.

Buena Vista is home to a very small population. According to the most recent census, it had just 3,000 residents. About 12% of them were 65 years or older. The state has lower housing and healthcare costs than the average state. The town also has a low crime rate.

7. Woodland Park

  • Population: 7,983
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:6%
  • Median House Value: $523.059
  • Living Cost (Compared to State Average): 4 Percent Higher
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 2.2%
  • Crime Rate (Compared with the State Average: 56% Lower
  • Amenities Score A

Woodland Park is located in central Colorado's Teller County. It is located in the Colorado Springs metropolitan region and only half an hour away from the city's central area. Woodland Park is known as "City Above the Clouds" due to its elevation of nearly 8,500 feet above the sea level. You can see Pikes Peak from the park, along with nature areas to all sides including campgrounds, lakes, recreation areas, and more.

Woodland Park has higher healthcare costs than the average state, but its housing costs and crime rates are lower. Nearly 19% of the city's residents are 65 or older.

8. Steamboat Springs

  • Population: 13,390
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:1%
  • Median House Value: $1.090,234
  • Living Costs (Compared to State Average): 23% Higher
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): Equal
  • Crime Rate (Compared to the State Average: 55% Lower
  • Amenities Score A+

Steamboat Springs is located in the Yampa Valley, a ski resort in the northern part Colorado. Two of Colorado's most well-known ski areas are located in the city: the Howelsen Hill ski resort and the Steamboat ski area. There are many nearby peaks including Mount Werner. Geothermal hot springs are also found in the city, and they are believed to have therapeutic properties.

Steamboat Springs is not an affordable place to call home. Although its healthcare costs are comparable to the state's, the overall cost of living in Steamboat Springs is much higher. The median home price is over $1 million. It's worth the investment if you have the means to afford this charming ski town.

9. Salida

  • Population: 5,812
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:9%
  • Median House Value: $577.602
  • Living Costs (Compared to State Averages): 1% Lower
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 5.5%
  • Crime Rate (Compared with the State Average: 59% Higher)
  • Amenities Score A+

Salida, a small town in central Colorado's Chaffee County, is called "The City of the River." It is located along the Arkansas River, and it is home to Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. You can also find local outdoor recreation like campgrounds and hiking trails. You'll also find many mountains if you go a little further out of town.

Salia's housing costs and overall cost of living are slightly lower than the national average. Healthcare costs in Salia are slightly higher than the average for the state. Nearly one quarter of residents in the city are over 65. This makes it a great place for retirees. Salida's crime rate is almost 60% higher than the average state.

10. Grand Junction

  • Population: 66,964
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:3%
  • Median House Value: $384 319
  • Living Costs (Compared to State Average): 8.
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to the State Average: 5% Higher)
  • Crime Rate (Compared to the State Average: 59% Higher)
  • Amenities Score A+

Grand Junction, a city of medium size in Colorado's western region, is located in Colorado's Western Slope. It is the heart of Colorado's wine country. It is located along the Colorado River and offers plenty of outdoor recreation including river access, lakes, wildlife, etc. There are many other attractions in the city, such as the Colorado National Monument, trailheads and botanical gardens, as well.

Grand Junction is among the most affordable cities in our list. Grand Junction has a lower cost of living than the national average and is very affordable for housing. A large number of seniors live in the city. The city's crime rate and healthcare costs are both higher than the average.

11. Montrose

  • Population: 20,648
  • % of the Population 65 Years and Older:3%
  • Median House Value: $419.425
  • Living Costs (Compared to State Average): 10% Lower
  • Healthcare Cost (Compared to State Average): 5.5%
  • Crime Rate (Compared with the State Average: 3% Higher)
  • Amenities Score A+

Montrose is a municipality in Colorado's western part. This small town is well-known for its tourism. There are many museums, restaurants and breweries to explore, as well as local lodging. Montrose is located just west of the Gunnison National Forests, Uncompahgre and Grand Mesa. It is also located east of the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area.

Monrose's housing costs and overall cost of living are lower than the average for the state. More than 25% of Monrose's population is 65 years old or older. This means that retirees will find strong communities. The city's crime rate is slightly higher than the national average, as well as its healthcare costs.

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Colorado is a great place to retire because of its strong culture, outdoor recreation and beautiful scenery. It's important to remember that your retirement years will not be spent in the same place as where you live. You should also ensure that your finances are in order.

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  • The price of gold jumped 131 percent from late 2007 to September 2011, when it hit a high of $1,921 an ounce, according to the World Gold Council. (aarp.org)
  • If you accidentally make an improper transaction, the IRS will disallow it and count it as a withdrawal, so you would owe income tax on the item's value and, if you are younger than 59 ½, an additional 10% early withdrawal penalty. (forbes.com)
  • If you take distributions before hitting 59.5, you'll owe a 10% penalty on the amount withdrawn. (lendedu.com)
  • Gold is considered a collectible, and profits from a sale are taxed at a maximum rate of 28 percent. (aarp.org)
  • Instead, the economy improved, stocks rebounded, and gold plunged, losing 28 percent of its value in 2013. (aarp.org)

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  • First, find out if your country allows gold ownership. If the answer is yes, you can go ahead. If not, you may want to consider purchasing gold from overseas.
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