The Long-Term Impact of Spot Bitcoin ETFs: Insights from Vaneck’s Director

Underestimating the Potential

Vaneck's director of digital assets strategy, Gabor Gurbacs, believes that the long-term impact of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is often underestimated. He suggests that if the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves a spot bitcoin ETF, bitcoin's price trajectory could replicate gold's growth pattern from 2004 and beyond, but at a much faster pace.

Predictions for the Future

Gurbacs shared his thoughts on the potential impact of U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs on social media platform X. Vaneck is one of the asset management firms that have applied to launch a spot bitcoin ETF with the SEC. While acknowledging that the initial impact of U.S. bitcoin ETFs might be overestimated, Gurbacs expects only a few hundred million dollars in mainly recycled funds.

However, he believes that people often overlook the bigger picture and fail to recognize the transformative power of bitcoin beyond ETFs. Bitcoin is reshaping its own capital markets systems and products, and this is not yet reflected in its price. Gurbacs suggests that it is not a question of which traditional financial institution adopts bitcoin, but rather which bitcoin company becomes the next influential entity like Blackrock.

Gold's Growth as a Parallel

Gurbacs draws a parallel between gold and bitcoin, emphasizing that gold's historical growth can serve as a guide. He refers to his previous post on Dec. 6, where he explains that the approval of a U.S. spot bitcoin ETF could potentially generate trillions of dollars in value for bitcoin.

The director highlights the introduction of the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) on Nov. 18, 2004. Over the subsequent eight years, gold's price quadrupled, reaching $1,800 and adding approximately $8 trillion in market capitalization. Gurbacs points out that bitcoin's current market cap is around $750 billion, less than one-third of what gold was in 2004. He suggests that if a U.S. spot bitcoin ETF is approved, bitcoin's price trajectory could mirror gold's growth, but at a much faster rate.

The Boost and Further Adoption

Gurbacs expects the boost from bitcoin ETF adoption to be significant, although not all at once. He predicts that only a few tens of billions of dollars will come from bitcoin exchange-traded products (ETPs) adoption. Nevertheless, he highlights the importance of a relatively low bitcoin float and systematic scarcity through halving schedules.

Beyond price effects, Gurbacs believes that the ETF itself will legitimize and destigmatize bitcoin's position in investment portfolios, leading to wider adoption outside of the ETF market. He also foresees nation states and sovereign wealth funds holding bitcoin directly and securing optionality for mining and their own bitcoin-based capital markets. Gurbacs cites the example of central banks' gold adoption outside of ETPs, which played a crucial role in driving gold's price increase.

Are You Convinced?

What are your thoughts on the potential impact of spot bitcoin ETFs on bitcoin? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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We hope this article has given you an improved understanding of gold investment tools. We recommend that you investigate all options before making any major decisions. Only after you have done this can you make an informed choice.


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