The 16-Year Bitcoin Cycle: A Comparative Study with the Internet Bubble

Bitcoin's four-year cycle is well-documented and widely acknowledged, but have you considered the possibility of a more extended cycle at play? Could this prolonged cycle mirror the adoption patterns of innovative technologies, similar to the internet? This article proposes a new theory: Bitcoin is moving through a unique 16-year cycle that could potentially forecast future Bitcoin price trends.

Unpacking the Standard 4-Year Cycle

Bitcoin's characteristic four-year cycles typically comprise two distinct phases: an uptrend and a downtrend. Each cycle generally involves a three-year uptrend, followed by a one-year downtrend, commonly referred to as a bear market. The consistency and accuracy of these four-year cycles have captured the attention of market participants.

The DOTCOM Cycle: A Mirror to Bitcoin?

The similarities between the market structure of the S&P500 during the DOTCOM cycle and the Bitcoin cycle are noteworthy. Traditional financial markets also experience clear four-year cycles, predominantly characterized by an uptrend and a brief bear market.

Observing the DOTCOM cycle, initiated around 1986 with Microsoft's public debut, reveals striking resemblances to Bitcoin's first three 4-year cycles. Both periods signify the adoption of revolutionary technologies that fundamentally changed how society accesses and utilizes information.

The question then arises: Can the DOTCOM cycle's structure help predict Bitcoin's future path? While market cycles provide valuable rough price predictions, it's essential to underscore their speculative nature. The saying "history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes" rings true here. Although we cannot expect a perfect replication of past events, they can offer a rough estimate of potential outcomes.

Charting a Possible Path for Bitcoin

Examining the DOTCOM cycle structure, we notice a pattern of three similar four-year cycles, each featuring a long bull market followed by a brief bear market. The last cycle, however, flips this trend, starting with a price acceleration, followed by a multi-year bear market. Could Bitcoin follow a similar trajectory, shattering the expectation of a regular four-year cycle with a prolonged bear market?

The Microsoft Trajectory: A Potential Blueprint for Bitcoin?

Microsoft's price journey may offer some insights. After three right-translated four-year cycles, Microsoft entered a prolonged bear market, despite enjoying a robust bull market for years. It wasn't until 15 years after the 2000 peak, that the price level was surpassed. Could Bitcoin experience a similar price journey?

Connecting the Dots Between Cycles

Analyzing these cycles suggests potential forecasts for Bitcoin and how to prepare for these scenarios. A typical four-year cycle predicts an uptrend until 2025, followed by a one-year decline, which aligns with Bitcoin's history.

Conversely, the 16-year cycle suggests that Bitcoin could follow the DOTCOM bubble trajectory, peaking by late 2024, and entering a multi-year decline until 2026.

Identifying a Cycle's Peak

Bitcoin funding rates can serve as a valuable indicator for traders, showing whether market participants are mainly shorting or longing for Bitcoin. This metric can help identify market conditions and potential changes. Another method to identify a cycle's peak is timing. Breaking below a swing-low during a potential cycle's topping period could indicate a cycle top.

Additional Factors Influencing Bitcoin's Price

Besides these cycles, other factors can impact Bitcoin's price. For instance, the Federal Reserve's decision to print vast sums of money in 2020 led many investors to seek refuge in financial markets and Bitcoin. However, when the money printing ceased in 2022, Bitcoin entered a one-year decline. These substantial economic shifts are likely to influence Bitcoin's price and cycle patterns.

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By: Jeroen van Lange
Title: The 16-Year Bitcoin Cycle: A Comparative Study with the Internet Bubble
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Published Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2023 14:08:41 GMT

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