PRIMEZTOKEN Now Available for Trading at LBank Exchange

PRESS REELEASE. INTERNET CITY. DUBAI, Sep. 23rd, 2022 . LBank Exchange, a global platform for digital asset trading, listed PRIMEZTOKEN September 23rd, 2022. All LBank Exchange users can now trade the PRIMEZTOKEN/USDT pair.

Primez is a NFT marketplace that allows Japanese content to be converted to NFTs. To further increase its global reach, Primez's native token PRIMEZTOKEN was listed on LBank Exchange on September 23rd at 8:00 UTC.

Introducing Primez

Japanese content is widely acclaimed around the world. It includes traditional art and animation as well as music, games, modern art, and sports. Over the past ten years, Japan's overseas market has increased more than twice. By category, anime is the largest market overseas. Next are online games for smartphones, which have rapidly grown, and then print publication.

Primez NFT Marketplace will be centered on the value and conversion of Japanese content into NFT. This will protect and enhance the value creators in Japanese culture and create a new economic zone in Japan and the US.

PRIMEZTOKEN was created to enable stable operation of the PRIMEZ blockchain as a decentralized platform. It is a blockchain that specializes in the management, distribution, and issuance of NFTs in Japan. The PRIMEZ chain is also connected to multiple blockchains including Ethereum and serves as a cross-chain platform, which acts as a hub for NFT distribution and issuance.

Primez will create a platform to allow the use of NFT and cryptographic assets. Primez will also introduce Japan's top-quality contents overseas and abroad using blockchain technology.


PRIMEZTOKEN users will receive many benefits. With PRIMEZTOKENs, you can purchase unique NFT artworks that are only available on Primez marketplace. Token holders will receive 5% of Primez sales back based on how many PRIMEZTOKENs and how long they have held them, which is calculated every six months. Primez supports MetaLive, a unique live-streaming platform that allows them to support their idols with PRIMEZTOKEN. PRIMEZTOKENs also allow them to vote in events.

ERC-20 shows that PRIMEZTOKEN's total supply is 1 billion. 1000,000,000 tokens. 35% of this supply is for community mining. 20% is for ecosystem development and growth. Another 20% is for the official management team. 20% is for pre-sale. The remaining 5% is for advisors.

Investors who are interested in Primez investments can now buy or sell PRIMEZTOKEN directly on LBank Exchange. PRIMEZTOKEN's listing on LBank Exchange will help it expand its business and attract more attention to the market.

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