Moonshots, Saturn Network

They can't keep your mind in check

Saturn giveaways are known for being wild.

Saturn.Network operates on the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum Classic blockchains. It is not just a crypto exchange. They offer 0% discount on all orders and specialize in free airdrops.

Saturn wallet with upgrades

A wallet web extension is also available on the network, which I have used with Brave browser. It looks a lot like meta mask but has been updated to be less obvious. It effortlessly switches between ETH and ETC chains. Double-check gas prices before switching between them. ETC uses less, but can still get stuck at ETH settings.

2 coins

Two chainz is the definition of being on. It refers to two native tokens: Saturn ETH DAO or Saturn Classic DAO. Each token entitles holders to a portion of the Saturn network traffic and airdrops.

Airdrops can be exchanged

Airdrops are available on the exchange, as well as tools to allow token holders to participate in airdrops. To see what I can claim, I check my wallet via the airdrop function. Every month, there's usually something new.

No cost DEX Listings

The variety of tokens available is varied and unique. It is made up of scarcity-driven, deflationary tokens such as SHOCK, PYRO and VYA.

You can also find a good selection of standard items on them, but they are available in many other places. Saturn is the main hub for listing. I have even seen Rise Only Markets.

There are markets where the price cannot go down. That is what I like. The US stock market is booming. I want to see the end of shorting. They should make their markets rise only.

Saturn extras

They will do promotional listings for a fee that is likely lower than other exchanges. They offer packages and airdrop assistance. This is one of the most popular crypto-dedicated exchanges.

Saturn ETH DAO trades at $0.001, Saturn Classic DAO trades @ $0.0002.

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By: Satoshi Knotabolo
Title: Moonshots, on Saturn Network!
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Published Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2020 07:12:10 GMT

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