Microstrategy Acquires More Bitcoin, Raising Total Holdings to 189,150 BTC

Nasdaq-listed Microstrategy has recently increased its bitcoin holdings with the purchase of an additional 14,620 bitcoins, amounting to approximately $615.7 million. This latest acquisition brings the company's total cryptocurrency holdings to an impressive 189,150 bitcoins. Microstrategy has acquired these bitcoins at an average price of $31,168 per coin, resulting in a total investment of around $5.9 billion.

Microstrategy Now Holds 189,150 Bitcoin

Software intelligence firm Microstrategy, listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol MSTR, made the announcement regarding its latest bitcoin acquisition on social media platform X. In a statement, Microstrategy's executive chairman, Michael Saylor, revealed:

"Microstrategy has acquired an additional 14,620 BTC for approximately $615.7 million at an average price of $42,110 per bitcoin. As of December 26, 2023, Microstrategy now holds 189,150 BTC acquired for approximately $5.9 billion at an average price of $31,168 per bitcoin."

According to the company's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), these additional bitcoins were purchased between November 30 and December 26. Microstrategy's bitcoin strategy has proven to be successful for the company, with Saylor highlighting the significant increase in BTC price since August 10, 2020. During this period, the price of BTC has surged by 253%, outperforming traditional assets such as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, which saw modest increases of 40% and 35% respectively.

Saylor firmly believes in the long-term value of bitcoin and its potential to appreciate in value. He sees BTC as a reliable store of value and an attractive investment asset, surpassing the potential of holding cash. Furthermore, Saylor emphasized that many are beginning to realize they are underallocated in bitcoin, as it represents the digital transformation of capital.

Spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have also caught Saylor's attention. He believes that they could be the most significant development on Wall Street in the last three decades. Currently, the SEC is evaluating 13 spot bitcoin ETF applications, and market expectations suggest that multiple approvals will be granted by January 10.

Microstrategy's continued accumulation of bitcoin demonstrates the company's confidence in its long-term value and potential. With a substantial holding of 189,150 BTC, Microstrategy remains one of the prominent institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market.

What are your thoughts on Microstrategy's recent bitcoin acquisition and its current holdings of 189,150 BTC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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By: Kevin Helms
Title: Microstrategy Acquires More Bitcoin, Raising Total Holdings to 189,150 BTC
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/microstrategy-acquires-more-bitcoin-raising-total-holdings-to-189150-btc/
Published Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2023 16:30:13 +0000

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