Commerzbank Secures Crypto Custody License, Paving the Way for Digital Asset Services

Commerzbank, a leading German full-service bank, has made a groundbreaking move in the digital asset sector by becoming the first bank in Germany to receive a Crypto Custody License. This significant achievement positions Commerzbank at the forefront of the rapidly growing crypto market in the country. The bank sees this license, granted under the German Banking Act, as a crucial step in developing a comprehensive range of digital asset services, with a specific focus on crypto assets.

Leading the Way in Digital Asset Services

Commerzbank considers the acquisition of the Crypto Custody License as a monumental step in its journey into the digital asset space. Under the terms of the German Banking Act (KWG), Article 1 Section 1a Sentence 1 No 6, this license empowers Commerzbank to securely manage and store crypto assets.

Commerzbank is a major banking entity in Germany, with total assets amounting to €534 billion by the end of September 2022. The bank serves approximately 26,000 corporate clients and extends its services to nearly 11 million individual and small-business customers in Germany.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Crypto Asset Management Solutions

This license is seen as a crucial enabler for Commerzbank to expand its digital asset services, in line with the increasing demand for secure and compliant crypto asset management solutions. The bank's immediate goal is to establish a secure platform that adheres to regulatory standards for its institutional clients.

The Commerzbank crypto platform will primarily focus on providing custody services for digital assets, leveraging the power of blockchain technology. This initiative is part of the bank's broader strategy to integrate digital innovation into its service offerings, effectively meeting the evolving needs of its client base in the digital economy. Dr. Jörg Oliveri del Castillo-Schulz, the bank's Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the significance of this development.

"Now that we have been granted the license, we have achieved an important milestone," said Commerzbank's COO. "This highlights our ongoing commitment to applying the latest technologies and innovations, forming the foundation for supporting our customers in the areas of digital assets."

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