Charles Schwab: The Cryptocurrency Method Is the Best for Retirement Savings

Charles Schwab published a study that showed cryptocurrency to be a top option for retirement savings. "Gen Z and millennial workers are more inclined to also invest in cryptocurrency and real estate, as opposed to older generations strong>

Crypto Investments in 401 (k) Accounts

Charles Schwab, a financial giant, published Tuesday's report entitled "401(k), Participant Study – Gen Z/Millennial Focus". This report contains the results from an annual online survey of U.S. 401k participants, conducted by Logica Research for Schwab Retirement Plan Services Inc.

The survey was completed by 1,000 participants in 401(k), aged 21 to 70 and employed by at least 25 employees. This report contains:

While the 401 (k) is still the most popular retirement savings vehicle, Gen Z and millennial workers are more inclined to invest in cryptocurrency, annuities and small businesses than older generations.

The report also states that "more than 4 out 10 Gen Z and millennial workers would like to invest in annuities or cryptocurrency in their 401(k)".

The report reveals that workers are more likely than ever to save for retirement in savings accounts, rather than in investing. However, a quarter of participants are investing in cryptocurrency.

Respondents from Gen Z said that 43% of them invest in crypto, compared with 47% of millennials, 33% of Gen X respondents and 4% of boomers when asked about their current investments.

The report also shows that cryptocurrency investing is one of the most popular methods to save for retirement. It is second in retirement savings among Gen Z respondents, and third for millennials.

When asked how they would like to invest their 401(k), 39% chose annuities. 32% preferred cryptocurrency. Generation Z and millennials chose crypto as their top choice.

The U.S. Labor Department raised concerns earlier in the year about Americans investing in cryptocurrency and bitcoin in their 401(k). Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary, also stated in June that crypto was "very risky," and that it is not suitable for most retirement savers.

Fidelity Investments added bitcoin to their 401(k), despite the Labor Department warning. To allow crypto investments to 401(k), a bill was also introduced.

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