Catex Stores the CATT In The Bag

Catex Crypto Exchange and CATT Token Review 2020

Review of Catex Crypto Exchange USA

Catex Review

Catex is a Chinese centralized exchange. It's been a pleasure to use it over the past year. The Hong Kong team provides all standard trading pairs and free TRX trading. There are also more tokens being added each month.

They have made the UI more user-friendly and are now focused on CATT utility and upgrades. Airdrops have been added for users who complete a simple KYC. I do not use any gaming and I do not gamble with my crypto.

CATT Token Review is my main reason for visiting. You can lock up your native asset for 30-60, 60, or 90 day periods. This will allow you to receive up to 90% of exchanges withdrawal/trading fees proportional to the amount of CATT held. CATT offers a 30% discount on trading fees and 0 withdrawal fees when you are selected.

CATT, a transaction-mined Crypto, is only created by performing trades on specific Catex trading pairs. This is becoming more common with exchange tokens, particularly ones from the east. You can lock up your tokens with the exchange by claiming bonus rewards starting at 3,000,000 CATT.

Referral Bonuses and CATT Bonus

Holders of CATT on Bitallex and BAE on Bitallex will receive an additional bonus for creating an account on Bitallex with the same email. Bitallex has never responded to my emails. However, I was able to get a reply.

They used to have a maximum supply of 1,800,000,000 and now they do token burns for CATT. They offer 50% referrals and 2 factor authentication via Google. The current CATT token price is $0.0002.

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By: Satoshi Knotabolo
Title: Catex Keeps the CATT in the Bag
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Published Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 12:55:47 GMT

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