Blast: Ethereum’s L2 Newcomer That Secures $400M


This week, there has been a lot of buzz in the crypto community surrounding Blast, a new Ethereum layer two (L2) platform. The project recently raised an impressive $20 million in funding, led by Paradigm and Standard Crypto, among other investors. Blast, developed by Pacman, the entrepreneur behind the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Blur, has already accumulated over $400 million in digital assets in just one week. However, the platform has also faced scrutiny regarding its mechanics.

Blast's Funding and Unique Features

Tieshun Roquerre, also known as Pacman, unveiled Blast on November 20, 2023, after securing funding from Standard Crypto, Paradigm, and other investors. Blast differentiates itself as an Ethereum L2 network by offering native yields for ethereum (ETH), staked ethereum (STETH), and stablecoins like DAI, USDT, and USDC. This sets it apart from other L2 solutions available in the market.

Rapid Growth and Limitations

In less than a week, Blast has managed to accumulate $405 million in locked value, despite being an invite-only platform for now. Although some social media users are sharing Blast invite codes, it is important to note that users cannot bridge out or withdraw funds until February 2024.

However, there have been concerns about the platform's referral system and padded emissions mechanics, with some labeling it as a "pyramid scheme" or a "Ponzi." David Attermann, co-founder and managing partner at Omnichain Capital, expressed his disapproval, stating that it reflects poorly on the "investors" and "influencers" promoting this MLM scheme.

The Team and Airdrop Plans

Blast's team includes not only Pacman but also alumni from prestigious institutions like MIT, Yale, and Nanyang Technological University, as well as experts from FAANG and Seoul National University. The platform's referral system features a leaderboard that ranks members based on the points they earn for bridging assets and inviting friends.

Blast is also preparing for an airdrop, with the distribution divided equally between early access members (50%) and developers (50%), as outlined on their website. The early access phase is currently active, and developers can expect to receive their share of the airdrop in January, coinciding with the launch of the Blast Testnet. Early access participants will have to wait until May for their airdrop.

Observation and Security Concerns

Despite skepticism surrounding Blast, similar to the early days of Blur, the project is gaining significant traction. Analytical platforms and explorers like Arkham Intelligence, Dune Analytics, and Defillama are closely monitoring this decentralized finance protocol.

There have also been discussions and public disapproval regarding the project's multi-signature mechanism tied to the vault. Blast, however, emphasized the nuanced and spectrum-based nature of security in a post published on Friday. The startup believes that upgradeable contracts, despite their perceived vulnerabilities, especially in token-gated, time-locked mechanisms, can offer enhanced security in certain scenarios.

Share Your Thoughts

What is your opinion on Blast's rapid rise and the criticism it has received? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject in the comments section below.

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Title: Blast: Ethereum's L2 Newcomer That Secures $400M
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