Bitcoin Price Prediction: Experts Anticipate BTC to Reach $87,000 by 2025

The Growing Potential of Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, has been gaining significant attention in the digital currency realm, showcasing its strength and market dominance. Currently, its value is hovering just below the $34,000 mark. A recent report from, titled "Bitcoin to Hit $87,000 by 2025," sheds light on the anticipated future developments of Bitcoin, as analyzed by industry specialists.

Insights from Industry Experts

The report provides an in-depth exploration of Bitcoin's potential price trajectories by synthesizing perspectives from 31 experts and panelists within the sector. It delves into various aspects, including the possibility of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) receiving approval. According to the report, 47% of the experts believe that such an endorsement could propel Bitcoin to unprecedented highs. Additionally, around 60% of the participants anticipate the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by 2024.

Projected Bitcoin Value

The consensus among the surveyed individuals suggests that BTC's value will reach $30,000 per unit by the end of 2023, surpassing its all-time high of $69,000, and eventually reaching $87,000 by 2025. Mitesh Shah, the founder of Omnia Markets, projects that BTC will end the year at $35,000 and escalate to $105,000 by 2025. Shah is among the 20% of the surveyed individuals who anticipate the approval of an ETF within this year. He commented, "There is a growing consensus that the SEC will eventually approve a Bitcoin ETF, with Blackrock's application being the most likely candidate."

The Impact of a Bitcoin ETF Approval

According to the CEO of Omnia, the approval of a Bitcoin ETF would pave the way for institutional investment and likely result in an immediate spike in Bitcoin's price. It is believed that this approval would open the floodgates for increased adoption and investment in Bitcoin.

The Significance of the 2024 BTC Halving

The upcoming BTC halving event in 2024 is considered a crucial turning point in Bitcoin's timeline. Approximately 57% of the experts predict a moderate appreciation in Bitcoin's price leading up to the event. This aligns with historical trends, where Bitcoin's value has typically experienced an upswing after halving events due to the reduced rate of new Bitcoin entering circulation. Damian Chmiel, the senior analyst and editor at Finance Magnates, foresees Bitcoin settling at $30,000 this year and rising to $50,000 by 2025. He expressed his belief that the halving event could shift the balance of power in favor of Bitcoin and ultimately lead to new all-time highs.

Bitcoin's Global Influence

The report also emphasizes Bitcoin's global influence and its position as a market leader, shaping the broader financial landscape. It highlights Bitcoin's significant impact on the cryptocurrency market and its potential to drive innovation and change in the financial industry.

A Cautionary Outlook

Desmond Marshall, the managing director at Rouge International and Rouge Ventures, offers a less optimistic outlook compared to many of his peers. He attributes his bearish forecast to recent regulatory actions by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler and "rumors of a recession." Marshall predicts that by 2025, Bitcoin's value will be $35,000, reflecting its current price trajectory.

Despite some differences in opinions, the report concludes that 66% of the surveyed fintech and crypto specialists believe that the current moment presents a favorable opportunity to acquire Bitcoin, while 24% recommend holding onto existing holdings. Approximately 10% of the experts suggest selling Bitcoin at this juncture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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3 Ways to Invest in Gold for Retirement

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  3. Diversify Your Portfolio. – Do not put all your eggs into one basket. This is how you spread your wealth. You can invest in different assets. This will reduce your risk and give you more flexibility in times of market volatility.


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